Saturday, September 30, 2006

I broke out in goosebumps...

So one of my girlfriends at work taped the first episode of Supernatural for me. I love her for it. My VCR has hasn't worked in ages. Yes I actually still used that ancient thing LOL

I was working evenings this week and wasn't home till after 10 meaning that I missed it. As soon as I got home last night I popped it into the VCR in my room and snuggled under the covers to watch. No I did not choose my bedroom just because of "Dean" (aka Jensen Ackles) but now that you mention it hhmmmm never mind.

Anyhoo that first episode is awesome. As I had read it picked up right at the moment that last season ended. I want to blab it all but I'm sure that many haven't seen it and I don't want to ruin it. I swear if you watch it you will be hooked for the season. I was completely floored by what they did with the story arc and it confirmed some suspicious that were raised last season. What an intense start. I'll be living from Thursday to Thursday now.

A friend is looking over my short story and dropped me a quick note to let me know that while there are some technical difficulities the plot and characters look good. I'm waiting on pins and needles to see what she has to say. I'm excited and terrified to read her opinion. I never let anyone read my stuff so turning it over for a critique has my guts in knots. LOL


frenchpeas said...

You are VERY good so stop worrying. And WOO HOOOO!!! It's done! Now, it'll be published and I can read it zillions of times. *dances*

FeyRhi said...

*muah* Lubs ya bunches you crazy chicka. You need to yell to get over my neurotic voice though *G*