Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One of the best Mother's Day prezzies...

How perfect it this!? I love it. Scarcasm and skulls and it fits a large double double from Timmies. Combined with a gift card to Chapters and a blow up chair I can use in the pool this summer, I got spoiled.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The first appt.

We have known that our oldest daughter sees the world differently then the rest of us. She was only 8 months old when my bro-in-law noticed, (already having 2 girls himself) We didn't find this out until years later because he is a kind man and didn't want to say anything at the time. The years have gone by and it has become more and more apparent, especially after the birth of our second child. We have gone from dr to dr and many tests through the school and no one has been able to help.

This week we had our first appt at McMaster Children's Hospital, a program we have waited almost a year to get into. It's such a relief to know that we are finally working towards understanding...or at least it feels like that. Of course you can't make a diagnosis after only a couple hours, but what the Dr suspects is what we have suspected as well. Fingers crossed with a little more time we will figure all this out. Then we can work towards helping my Fey Princess as much as we can.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm not sure who was more nervous.....

The younger kidlet had her first gymnastic competition last night. It was a stressful couple of days leading up to it. She had put so much pressure on herself to succeed that she literally was in tears from it. To the point where the night before she was freaking out, refusing to go to bed because she was afraid of tomorrow. I ended up laying in bed with her, in the dark reminding her over and over that the most important part of it all was that she have fun. We didn't care if she came in first or last all we wanted was for her to do her best and have the experience. It took a while, but she finally calmed down and started listening.

I know a lot of had to do with the fear of the unknown. There was also something that I hadn't realized until after we talked for a while. Long ago we have watched some of the Olympic gymnastic routines and she had in her head that she was going to be in a big arena with hundreds of people watching her. Poor thing no wonder she was stressed. Once it was explained that the competition was going to be held in a place similar to her home gym then she calmed down immensely. We went a hour early so she could watch the flight before hers,and see some of the older girls on her team go through their routines. That helped her relax even more and by the time it was time for her to go with her team she was smiling and laughing.

I was still a nervous wreck LOL. I knew if she didn't do well then she would be so hard on herself no matter what we said. Thankfully the kidlet did awesome!

7th~ Beam (she slipped off in the middle of her routine)
4th ~ Vault
3rd ~ Bars
2nd ~ Floor
4th ~ Overall

She was happy and hasn't taken her medals off yet. Now, she is looking forward to her next competition in a couple weeks.