Saturday, March 25, 2006

Snowflakes keep falling on my head...

It's the nearing the end of March and it started snowing on my way to work this morning. I would've been really annoyed, if it wasn't for the fact that it was so pretty. Big fat cottony snowflakes, that were melting on my window like cotton-candy does on my tongue. It wasn't that cold and there was no wind. It would have been perfect for a morning walk with the dog.

The subject of blog content has popped up on a few of my reads lately. Should a blog touch on a variety of topics or stick to one? Being that I am an aspiring author should I just talk only about the craft and my progress. Personally I think that is boring. I like reading about different people and their interests and hobbies.
I was thinking about it and as a writer I think that it feeds my creative side. Who know what I might read about that will trigger my imagination. Trigger the holy "What if?"

Like this morning as I drive and wondered What if this wasn't really was ash? Could it be possible for a volcano in this area to spout out a storm of ash and if you hadn't been watching the news you would go about your normal routine? What would happen if the road split open and lava bubbled up, what would I do? swerve? stop and run? hope I could drive through it?

Ok so my thought processes may have been subconsciously coloured by the fact that I didn't want to go to work this morning ;o)

Again I'm floating off topic.

I use my blog as a sounding board, both for myself and others, and I love to hear any sort of feedback. Sometimes I am venting, (with language alerts at the top of the page), or something that has happened, and yes about my on going efforts to get published. I'm hoping that one day I will be the one who triggers an idea in a passing visitor.


I may have had a point to all this but I started writing it early this morning at work and to be honest I've forgotten where I was going with it. It did stop snowing and nothing stayed on the ground but I've been feeling chilly all day. It's gonna be flannel pj's and work socks to bed tonight...poor hubby *G*

Monday, March 20, 2006

A bit of thank-you sillyness

Ding Dong

The immediate sound of a dog barking and a cat’s meow as our pets tried to beat me to the door, followed swiftly by “Who is it mum?Who’s there?I’llopenthedoor,mytummystillhurts.”

“Oh hell” I managed to grab a dishtowel and dry my hands tossing the rag over my shoulder. “One sec!” I grabbed the dog’s collar with my left hand. Stuck out my foot to ward off the cat's attempted escape and opened the door while balanced on one foot as my daughter trying to squeeze under my arm in an attempt to see for herself

A nice gentleman in a brown uniform stood there, grinning.
“Here I’ll just give this to you.”

“Right, thanks” I would have smiled back but he was gone in an instant. Either he took his job very seriously and wanted to speed to his next delivery or he was afraid I would suddenly collapse under the pressure behind me and he was next in line to be trampled. A quick kick of my foot and the door closed keeping the menagerie inside. Realizing they were denied the 4 legged animals retreated.

“What was it hun.” My husband called out. I glanced down at the box and froze, my eyes widening. “Um nothing.” I managed to get out.

“Nothing gets personally delivered?”

“It’s a bill, a reminder notice. Hydro is pissed at us. We gotta remember to pay that bill.”

“It’s a box.” My traitorous daughter replied unable to read the writing, she wandered into the living room where her dad sat. Yes, she is young and sill thinks that her daddy has more power then the parcel I held.

“A box? Since when does hydro send a box?”

“They must be out of envelopes.” I rushed past the living room doorway my package held tight to my chest. Such swirled writing, the promise of ecstasy within,

I almost growled when I heard him follow me. “Did that say chocola…”


“Lemme see.”

I growled and snapped at his reaching fingers. “My precious.”

“Oh man” followed by a chuff of indignant air. Yes at the tender age of 8 my daughter has already decided that her parents are weird. She is distracted by the opening jingle to Totally Spies and retreats to the tv.

Yes! 1 down, 1 more to go.

Laughing he reached again, (did the man not understand what mortal peril he was in?)
“It says...Bissinger's?”

“Your name is not on the box therefore you cannot touch. It’s a federal offence.”

At this point I’m being observed as if I have lobsters crawling out of my ears, or he needs to place a call to those white-jacked bozos. “Lemme see the box.” is said slowly as he moves closer..

I curl a lip and snarl holding the box tighter. “Precious”

“Honey, you know I love you…..”

Yes ok, I’m weak, He wore me down and only lost 3 fingers in the process. I shared but only one piece. I am rationing. These things are like milk chocolate coated orgasms. I break out in goosebumps with every bite.

~Girlfriend, thank you soooo much for my treat. *muah*~

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Allow me to introduce you too...

Our newest family member. Isn't she cute?
We were at the animal shelter yesterday looking for dogs. With hubby being as unemplyed for almost 4 months, Karma has been used to having him home. Once he starts working again we though it would be nice for her to have a friend. Well, they didn't have any dogs in and that would have been it except I wandered into the cat room.
They only had two felines available for adoption and this little one had me at "meow". The other cat was a bit more affectionate but she is just so small and skinny, and looks like she needed more love then the other. They think she is about 2 years old, although she about the size of a 9 month old kitten and if she weighs a pound I'd be shocked. So me being me had to bring her home with the intent of fatten her up.

Her eyes are a fasinating shade of lime green and I love the calico patchwork to her fur. As you can tell her colours are a bit paler, she more grays and tans and creams.And she is just so thin. She'd been at the shelter for a couple weeks so I hate to think of how malnurished she would have been when they found her.

Here is where I gush on and on about what a wonderful dog Karma is. We decided to try to keep them in seperate rooms for a while but the kidlet let the cat out and they met soon then expected. Now there was NO hissing or swatting. Kamra laid in the floor and just inched herself closer. It was so sweet, as most as if Karma knew the cat was terrified.

Now there is a limit. If the cat gets too close to Hubby then Karma bounds over supa fast scaring kitty away. Just a little bit jealous? Hubby is refraining from having anything to do with the feline until Karma settles down a bit.

Oh and her name? Well all my beautiful, dignified, Egyptian goddess names got vetoed by the family. They agreed on T.C. short for "The Cat". Since I named karma I was forced to conceed.

Friday, March 17, 2006

I had the most interesting thing to say.....

It's one of those days. I came up with a really interesting, whitty thing to blog about. Instead of actually writing it I started putzing around and playing with the way my blog page is set up and then forgot what it was I was going to write about.

Now all the blame for my foggyness is completely on the bottle of Rockbare Shriaz 2003 I consumed last night. It's their fault! 'Cause if the wine wasn't so good I wouldn't have polished it off and be a bit hungover this morning. Yea their fault. Damn it was really good though. Exactly what you want from an auzzie shiraz, big lush ripe fruit (raspberries, blackberries and a hint of ribena) that borders on jammy but without that sweetness that sometimes catches the back of your throat. Full bodied, velvety, rich mouthfeel with a peppery spice finish. Just complete YUMMY.

I have come to the conclusion though, that hangovers get worst the older you get. Especially when you have two loving daughters that insist on waking you up bright and early so you can make them toast. (Despite my trying to talk them into making themselves a bowl of cereal.) There was a day when my consumption rate was much higher and over a longer period and I would still be up for work the next morning (if I had slept at all) and then out again the next night. Alas, the years have caught up to me, but at least I'm not the only one. Hubby just managed to drag his ass down and is currently "relaxing his eyes" in front of the tv. LOL
Actually that is pretty smart, In fact I'm off to flake out on the couch with my offspring. They can watch cartoons, I'm gonna have a nap.

**Oh have gotten a good chunk of sorting out done on my manuscript last night (before the wine LOL) I'm not even going to think about how low my word court is going to drop. I have come the the conclusion that I am holding on to a lot more crap then I initially anticipated. That is what is cloggin' up the works. Good thing is, there is tons to work with once the clog is gone and I can't wait to get started. *BG*

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Writing-0 Procrastination-Infinity

Well the title isn't completely correct, I did do a bit of writing but it was on fun stuff not my manuscript. At least the creative sludge currently fermenting in the right side of my brain is starting to loosen up. *G* I'm looking forward to shuffling the girls off to be early tonight and having some quality time with my characters.

But my time hasn't been completely wasted today. After months of promising, I finally got the cloud wall paper up in my oldest's room. Now I am no where close to a wallpapering expert. Actually one could say this is kinda my first time. My real first doesn't count (isn't that typical) I was at a girlfriend's apartment during my single years and we started after we were already half way through a bottle of wine. Didn't even notice when we hung a sheet up-side-down. oops

Anyhoo today I did a much better job...nothing near perfect but that's ok. Kidlet is thrilled and happier that she got to help so that is all that matters. I probably should have done some yahoo reseach to find out the shortcuts but we got it figured out and with very little bubbles left in the paper and almost all the clouds match-up. Other then a couple gobs of glue in my hair, we were casuality free *G*

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

*blink* Half way already!

Day 5 already! Damn why does time fly when you are on vacation? I'm still up north and planning to head home this evening. Of course thanks to mother nature my trip may be extended by another day.

Temperature had plummeted, Snow squalls forecasted for this morning and early afternoon. So I'm gonna hang out till is blows over and then see what the roads are like.

Haven't written a word while I've been up here but what better excuse for procrastination then visiting with family. Right?

I've got lots of pictures which I am sure will make their way onto this blog as soon as I get home and can download(or is it upload) them from the camera.

Got a boat load of crappy news with an email yesterday that stated that my contest entry will be returned due to a lack of entries in the category I entered. What a bummer! I replied asking if I could jump into another category. Haven't heard anything back yet.

  • Mary Stella
  • was quick to let me know of another one that is coming up. I have to have a peak at their rules when I get home and see what I need. *fingers crossed* For some reason I can't access their website from my brothers computer. Bizarre?

    I'm off to pull on another sweater, I hate the cold!

    Saturday, March 11, 2006

    All the voices!!!!

    Heading up North to visit the rest of the clan today, day 2 of my vacation and I have already slowed down considerably LOL Yes I should have packed yesterday but I was just so busy watching cartoons and napping that I couldn't find the time. I did get a couple loads of laundry done. *patting self on back*

    Good news is that being away from the store has allowed my creative juices to loosen up a bit. My writing is still pretty much crap and I am deleteing almost every word but at least it is starting to flow again.

    Had a short chat with a friend the other night and that just fired up more voices in the back of my head. The ones that I have been ignoring in favour of my current work. I have to say that I am a little concerned that if I keep ignoring them, they will go away. Forever.

    I know it is possible that an author can work on more then one story at a time. Sherrily Kenyon does it. But then she has written a ton of books already. I asked once how she managed it and she said that they were like family and all the characters were so different it wasn't that hard to jump around. *shrugs*

    It made sense but I find that I just go in circles. Bouncing from one group of voices to another. Hell I'll never get anything finished that way. And logically wouldn't the stories start to repeat themselves. The same basic formula and challenges in each one.

    Thought about leaving my lap top at home this trip and sticking with my notebooks. Jot down what ever ideas come to me. Sketch out the other ideas and then at least I will have my notes to refer back to when the time comes.(also I wouldn't have to pack the ancient 100lb thing and all it's plug accessories)

    This could be me trying to run before I walk again...or an elaborate form of self sabotage. Or I could try to stop being so neurotic and just let the unwravel as they want too.

    Note to self...your on vacation. Stop trying to find things to stress over.

    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    I am on vacation

    11 days!! I have a week and a half away from work, time to hang around in my jammies, and write and snuggle with the kids on the couch and watch cartoons. I'm so looking forward to this.

    I've been planning to head on up north for a visit with the rest of the clan for the weekend but I'll be home early next week to putz around the house. Get the wallpaper up in my oldest's room, catch up the laundry, write even more *G*

    I just found out about a contest the involves submitting your last chapter. That's a unique twist. Of course I immediately started wondering if I could get my last chapter ready. I have one...and I'm about 80% sure that is how my book will end. LOL.
    I'll see how close I get by monday but I'm not honestly trying to get it done by then. My creative juices have dried up to a thick concentrated sludge. The ideas are there, just not flowing freely.

    Yes I have a habit of trying to run before I walk. Logically I should finish the book before I start submitting it. It's just that contests seem like a good way to get feedback on how I am doing. If I get a score sheet back trashing a certain part/aspect of the story then I know to edit that area before moving on.

    *snort* Like I could actually edit anything. I am finding that is one of the hardest parts. Editing chunks of your book out. Scenes that were really cute to me but distrupted the story flow. I guess I am a packrat because I never just delete them. I have a 'just in case' file they go in. You never know I might find a good place for them.

    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Dead Like Me

    Guess what I got for my birthday *G* Season 2!
    For those not familar with the pictures. "Dead Like Me" was one of my favourite shows, which is why I'm sure it only lasted 2 seasons. *sigh* The basis of it is that when someone is about to die a violent death a 'reaper' will come and gently take their soul so it doesn't hurt.
    Now each reaper has a predetermined amount of souls they are to collect. Once they fill their quota they move on and the poor soul that was the last one collected takes their place. The show revolves around one such person, George (Georgia).
    A young girl who was killed at the age of 18 by a piece of debris from a deorbiting space station. The exact piece that struck her was a flaming toilet seat.I splurged one day and bought the first season for myself. While I was watching it, hubby got hooked. So for my birthday he got me Season 2. It fit my mood of the last week perfectly LOL.
    I will go through the entire year blowing off my birthday and age like I don't care. It's true for 51 out of the 52 weeks in a year. But for the past 7 days I have been the most miserable bitch that walked the planet.
    So I just turned 35. Big whoop. Hell that's nothing. My 35th year will be the beginning of the writing chapter of my life. This could turn out to be one of my favourite years. You never know.