Thursday, March 27, 2008

He finally caught up!!

Happy Birthday Honey!!!

(woohoo no more old person comments LOL)

Monday, March 17, 2008

He's officially ours!

Choosing a puppy is hard enough but trying to choose out of a litter of 9 when you really love them all is nigh impossible. But the choice had to be made and this little guy is the one who will be staying with us. We jokingly called him Bear a couple weeks ago and the name stuck. Hubby mentioned that we could change it but I can't think of anything else I'd rather call him.

He's five weeks old today and is no longer the hugh one. LOL A couple of his litter mates have caught up to him, which is good. The rest of them are doing fine and getting. Having 9 is a lot of work but I'm going to miss them when they go to their new homes.

Riblet update: I'm doing much better, it's been a bit over two weeks now and while I'm still uncomfortable for the majority of the time it's no where near as painful as it was. Two night ago I woke up in the middle of the night in such agonizing pain. I swear I hear a "crack" in my ribs and felt something snap. I guess I stretched in my sleep and my rib muscles weren't up to it yet. sheesh

Good news is I'm not grunting, muttering ouch, or whimpering every time I move, so that is a definite improvement!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

This is March!

Once again someone forgot to pay the hydro bill to Mother Nature and she nailed us with a white reminder notice. I'll be staying in the house today, the last thing I need to go is go out there and wipe out. It's too bad too because as much as I hate snow, this would be a perfect tobogganing day. I do love tobogganing.

Instead I'll hang inside and knit. I've gotten a bit more mobility back but the pain is more intense today. I'm not sure if it's because any internal swelling has gone down or the damaged muscles have tightened or a combination of both. I can take a deep breath but if I shift my weight the wrong way it feels like a knife under my ribs.

Didn't hear back from the radiology lab on Friday so now I'll have to wait till Monday to find out the X-ray results. Not that it really matters, when it comes to ribs- bruised, cracked or broken, nothing can be done. The only difference is recovery time.

I had planned to drive up to my brother's tomorrow and have a visit with my family but I honestly don't think I can handle a 2.5 - 3 hour drive (and that's if the weather doesn't turn nasty half way up there.) Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow because the girls are already moping at the possibility that they will be separated from the cousins for any longer.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Stupid Thing I have done #394

The short version is I squished myself between the delivery door and the tow motor at work. Hurting the left side of my rib cage in the process.

The extended version is: A tow motor is a big machine that we use to move skids of products. I was backing up to plug it in to recharge it and misjudged how close I was to the garage door. Now this guy does pretty much stop on a dime and has tons of safety features but flukes happen. I didn't get out of the way quick enough and the corner of the drive handle got shoved up under the left side of my rib cage.

I'm sure my height was my saving grace, I ended up on my tip toes before getting completely out of the way. Had I been shorter I could have been more seriously injured, or perhaps not at all because the handle would have moved up into the resting positing and never caught my rib cage in the first place.
It happened so fast that even my co worker who was looking right at me almost didn't see it. No skin broken but I had to go to the clinic to have them looked at because it happened at work.

Attilla the Hun came in and poked around, almost sending through the ceiling, then I was off for x-rays. Won't hear back till later today if I broke or cracked any ribs. most likely I have bruised all the muscle tissue. Hurts like a bitch.

It took 5 pillows before I found a comfortable position to get some sleep. I don't think I'll be going into work today. Can't sit comfortable and can't stand for too long. I might as well stay home and irritate the ones I love. LOL

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My birthday present.

After all the complaining in my previous post, I wanted this one to be a bit more upbeat. Birthdays suck and all that but there is nothing you can do to stop them. LOL

So hubby has been pestering (re:nagging) me about what I wanted for my birthday. Really I don't need anything and trying to come up with suggestions for an event, I wasn't to thrilled about was pissing me off. Here is where I have to say my husband loves the fact that I am 26 days older then him. And for 26 days every year he inundates me with old person comments. These don't bother me because I know he is only teasing. This year I have been a bit more sensitive then usual so of course the comments are coming much more frequently.

The balloons in the picture below were delivered to my work for me. (by him he snuck in and then snuck out) Which goes to show how well he knows me. I appreciate a balloon bouquet much more then a flower one. And I even got a balloon from all the puppies LOL

For my gift,since I didn't tell him anything specific, he improvised. A very dangerous thing if you don't know my hubby's sense of humour.

I got a construction paper book tied together with yarn. The girls decorated the pages with pictures and he wrote the inscriptions....

page 1) Tim Hortons gift card
"Because you are old you may need more coffee now. It will help you kick start that heart of yours."

page 2) Shoppers Drug Mart gift card

"Shoppers is an ideal store for old people. They sell Depends, seeing eye glasses and lots of drugs"

page 3) La Senza gift card

"You may need a new bra now that you are older. The girls won't sag as much."

page 4) Chapters gift card

"Chapters has lots of books on getting old. They even have large print."

page 5) HBC gift card

"Bay and Zellers have lots of old people stuff. Tuesdays are seniors day."

I laughed so hard as I turned the pages. The pictures that the girls drew are really funny too. It made me feel much better and I started feeling silly for being so cranky about it all. Of course I still have 20 days of old person comments to put up with before he catches up with me.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The craziness that is my life

Sometimes I wish for a boring life, but then what fun would that be?

Haven't posted for a while, not from a lack of things to say but mainly because our computer got wiped by a couple nasty viruses. Not my fault!!! **pointing at my lovable hubby** He did it! So a week at the 'puter hospital and she is back to normal...just with a bad case of amnesia.

Puppies are doing well and growing fast. They are 3 weeks old today. All their eyes have opened and they are hearing better. The litter can be sound asleep but if Chris or I walk into the kitchen speaking then they start jumbling about. A couple have already started these mini barks. It's so cute....I may change that opinion in another week or two. LOL All nine have survived. I will admit to being worried with such a large litter. I was a little concerned about peanut and button, they are the two smallest, but they are doing well and while a bit smaller then the rest they're thriving. Bear is doing the best, by the name you get an idea of his size. He's also the biggest suck of them all and sleeps with his tongue hanging out.

I turned the big 37 this weekend. Thanks to everyone for the notes, posts, cards and emails. While I'd like to say my age doesn't bother me a bit, I was pretty much a bitch right up to the day. I remember my mum being my age and that is a bit freaky. I'm not my age in my brain, I know a lot of people feel have said that and I really truly understand what they are thinking. My pants aren't fitting as well as they used to but the scales in the bathroom haven't changed. Then I remembered my Gran complaining that as she got older she got thicker around the middle until she was feeling like a rectangle.
Oh Shit.
Maybe I'll take up wearing a corset? Have one of my lower ribs removed?