Monday, March 03, 2008

The craziness that is my life

Sometimes I wish for a boring life, but then what fun would that be?

Haven't posted for a while, not from a lack of things to say but mainly because our computer got wiped by a couple nasty viruses. Not my fault!!! **pointing at my lovable hubby** He did it! So a week at the 'puter hospital and she is back to normal...just with a bad case of amnesia.

Puppies are doing well and growing fast. They are 3 weeks old today. All their eyes have opened and they are hearing better. The litter can be sound asleep but if Chris or I walk into the kitchen speaking then they start jumbling about. A couple have already started these mini barks. It's so cute....I may change that opinion in another week or two. LOL All nine have survived. I will admit to being worried with such a large litter. I was a little concerned about peanut and button, they are the two smallest, but they are doing well and while a bit smaller then the rest they're thriving. Bear is doing the best, by the name you get an idea of his size. He's also the biggest suck of them all and sleeps with his tongue hanging out.

I turned the big 37 this weekend. Thanks to everyone for the notes, posts, cards and emails. While I'd like to say my age doesn't bother me a bit, I was pretty much a bitch right up to the day. I remember my mum being my age and that is a bit freaky. I'm not my age in my brain, I know a lot of people feel have said that and I really truly understand what they are thinking. My pants aren't fitting as well as they used to but the scales in the bathroom haven't changed. Then I remembered my Gran complaining that as she got older she got thicker around the middle until she was feeling like a rectangle.
Oh Shit.
Maybe I'll take up wearing a corset? Have one of my lower ribs removed?


Paz said...

OMG OMG OMG!! I missed your birthday. I'm such a bad friend.

Hope it was a great day for you chica and you got wonderful presents from the hubster and kidlets.

PS cute puppy pictures

Marissa Alwin said...

hey now! I told you... birthdays are good for you! and you are still a young'un!

The puppies have grown... hmmm can't smuggle one down here, huh?
LOL is the balloon with the pawprints from them?

LOL corsets can cause more health problems than aging.