Sunday, February 17, 2008

Suffering Withdrawl

As I type this I am on my hubby's work laptop. Why you might ask am I not on our computer? Well my very intelligent husband did something not so intelligent. This not so intelligent move involved a popup and his allowing a download figuring that after it was done he would just erase what was there. Yea, that is a big ass NO.

So the computer is in the shop what they try to get rid of 2 nightmare viruses. It's bad...real bad. Last check they were scanning the computer for the third time in hopes that they had it. Originally we were to have the computer back by Thursday evening. Now if we are very lucky it will Tuesday or Wednesday.

He only figured out how to get this hooked up last night, by then we were both sweathing and suffering the shakes. He was worse then me because I could surf a small bit at work, enough at least to check emails.

Keep you fingers crossed that those nasty bugs get erased and our computer comes back safe and sound. At least now hubby won't be so against spending the money on a good anti-everything system. No matter what it costs, I expect it will still be cheaper then the bill from the computer shop.

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Marissa Alwin said...

Oh Dear! I hope they resolve everything and tell me all your WIP are backed up on disk. LOL It took me forever to get comfortable typing on my laptop when we went to my parents during construction. now I am addicted to it.