Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

With absolute joy I raise a glass to the end of the 2007 holiday season. 11 months before we have to go through it again. Tomorrow is a new year and a fresh start, life can get back to normal.

May this year bring the peace we did not see in 2007.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

If Fashion repeats its self, when's this coming back?

To start I have to thank Isabella Snow for posting a great clip on her blog. It's one of my favourite winter songs. Who knew 'Mr Rourke' was such a hottie back in the day (1950's) LOL

Just as a side note did you know he did the voice of one of the characters on Disney's Kim Possible, Señor Senior, Sr. (In the picture is Kim Possible, Señor Senior, Sr., and Señor Senior, Jr.)

The clip is from a movie 'Neptune's daughter' starring Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams. They are preforming "Baby, it's cold outside." What a great song, o love the way he keeps plucking her hat off her head.

Anyhoo back to my original idea for this post. I did some surfing checking out hottie pictures of Mr. Montalban (BG) and about Esther Williams because I've seen her name but didn't know much about her. Turns out she has her own website and linked from that is a swimwear store. She did a great many movies that featured her in a bathing suit and so it makes sense *G*

I gotta say I love these suits!!! For everyone who has tried on an itty bittie suit that only looks good on an emaciated teenager, (that is all that seems to be in the stores these days) You have to check this out. I LOVE these suits! They are really cute. My fingers are crossed that the 50's will come back into fashion... hell what do I care, I am going to treat myself before next summer and get one. LOL Click here to check them out.

This is one of my favourites. Even hubby thought it was cute. I think when I told him about it he was envisioning something from the Victorian era LOL

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Date Night

Tonight was date night with my hubby, after the seriously crappy month we have gone through it was nice to get out for a few hours. Didn't do to much but we did go to see I Am Legend with Will Smith. Hubby has been jonesing to see this ever since the first trailer.

How was it? Awesome, really cool....Man I so want to tell you all about it but I can't. Really! Can't say a single word because that would spoil it and believe me you don't want this spoiled. It's a roller coaster ride from the beginning to the end. Yes, there are some slightly scary parts, not gory or anything but you will jump. Hubby hated those parts, I liked it because I got to hold tighter to him. *G*

Really there are not many actors that can carry an entire movies by themselves, Wil Smith is just that talented. Yea, I know Tom Hanks did it and he is an incredibly talented actor as well, but I didn't like that movie. Not my style. This on on the other hand, wow did Smith ever show diversity

Seriously I so want to write stuff here. I'd love to discuss parts of it, and things that happened and conclusions I came to and all that other stuff...but I can't breath a word of it. Trust me you will thank me later. Tell you what if you see it and want to talk about it then you can email me.

I know the stuff below won't make much sense but if you see the movie it will. I just thought it was cool. Too bad I can't put in my postal code but Buffalo is the closest American one I could find.

Visit the Official I Am Legend Website

Friday, December 14, 2007

Soundtrack to a book...

Interesting concept, I mean movies have soundtracks but this is the first time that I know of someone has scored a book. Not surprising, and completely appropriate that it's a musician's story.

The book Heroin Diaries is written by Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue) and is based on a bunch of diaries he wrote in during the height of his drug addictions. He's reprinted raw entries, and then commented on them either himself or asked band mates, ex girlfriends, ex managers etc. That in it's self is pretty brave. I mean if you think about a time you have been a total ass (and we all have those moments) and then later ask someone involved to give their honest opinion and then publish it. Well I'm not sure I'd be willing to do that.

So far the songs I have heard are really well done. I'm currently addicted to "Life is Beautiful. (Perhaps not the best choice of words considering the topic)

While this isn't my normal preference in reading material, I'll still give it a go.
I'm fortunate enough that I've never had to battle an addiction like that. Fortunate being an understatement because my lifestyle for a while in my younger years was not, shall we say, healthy. How I avoided an addiction problem, I really have not clue but damn do I know I'm lucky now.

I read somewhere that he is using the proceeds for a project he has to help runaway kids but I haven't been able to verify that. Need to do a bit more research.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Aaaannnnnnndddddd IT"S OFF!

Ding Dong, the pink monstrosity is gone!

Teaghan is thrilled to finally have her cast off. She was really nervous when the technician cut it off with the cast saw. (Which, BTW, looks like a hand held circular saw with a shop-vac attached LOL.) No matter how many times we tried to reassure her that it would not cut her skin she still panicked. I can't blame her I remember having casts cut off and it was the noise that was the scariest.

She had another xray and her arm is healing nicely, she still has to wear a brace just for safety and no TeKwonDo for a month. That she was really pissed about. I think she had it in her head that once the cast came off, she would go back to class that night. Still better safe then sorry.

The holidays are fast approaching. I just spent 3 hours today making a triple batch of stuffed shells for dinner. Well some for dinner tonight and the rest are for a pot-luck dinner on the weekend.

Ryleigh is feeling much better although I'm still think she is a bit pale. We discovered the hard way that she is immune to ammoxicillin. Ironically enough she hasn't been on a penicillin product for over 5 years since we thought she was allergic. Because is is such a dangerous allergy, we got her tested 6months ago and the results were negative. So when she was diagnosed with Strep throat last week and they prescribed ammox. I wasn't worried. Until after almost a week and she seemed to be getting worse and not better. Another trip to the clinic and the poor pumpkin had a massive chest infection, ear infection and a throat infection. So we are back where we started. No ammox. at least for Ryleigh and we will have to watch her reaction to other penicillin products to make sure they are working.

Now ask me if I feel like a terrible mother? I told her to stop the drama, she had been on antibiotics for 5 days so there was no way her throat was still hurting. This mommy guilt is the worst.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winter sucks

Well the title is a good indicator of my mood. The cold weather has arrived quickly and with much of that disgusting white stuff. All over the news they have been reporting that this will be the coldest winter in the last 15 years. Blech! I'm going to start a countdown until Spring when I will finally feel warm again.

On a more interesting note. One Sunday in early October, Ryleigh and I were at Spencer Smith Park hanging out. She had brought her bubbles and I was enjoying a coffee. A mother and daughter came up to me and asked if they could take her picture for a photo contest they were going to enter. So I filled out the release sheets and gave my permission. They snapped a few shots and then went on to see what else they could find and I didn't hear anything else.

Well last week, we got a call from the mom Jan Bryan, and she told us that they did enter one of the pictures of Ryleigh. Cool part is that were the runner up (2nd place) in the People category out of over 400 pictures! It's titled "I Spy". I remember when she took it because after looking at them we thought it was cool that one of the bubbles had floated right in front of her eye and she was looking through it.

This is the picture she took, and it along with all the other winners are hanging on the walls of the Burlington Art Centre. Ryleigh can't wait to go down and see it. Personally I'm afraid she thinks she will be handing out autographs. LOL Many thanks to Jan for keeping us updated on what happened, and for giving us such a fun memory that day.

If interested you can see the other winners HERE. There are a lot of really well done photos.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Can you spot the difference?

I think we have a strong family resemblance in our family....


Or you could say Grami, Mummy, Aunti, Daughter

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Thank The Gods It's December. The beginning of the second month to my year. May she be kinder then the last one.

Honestly November kicked my ass. It started out so innocently, with the promise of many creative endeavours. Plans to paint some of our walls and the beginnings of a couple of writing projects. Then tragedy struck.

As many of you know my aunt passed into summerland in the middle of the month, unexpectedly, devastating the entire Roberts Clan.

Then my daughter wiped out at school and broke her arm.

This was followed by the again unexpected passing of my aunt's husband. The poor man only lasted 2 weeks with out her. His health was poor and sadly he had been a self destructive alcoholic for as long as I can remember. The most heartbreaking of it all is the fact that my "little" 22 and 24 yr old cousins, who were in the early stages of grieving their mother, have now lost their father.

Then just as I arrogantly said at work that it was the 30th of Novenber and I couldn't wait to go to bed and finish this shitty month once and for all. I come home to a message that my Grandpa has been diagnosed with Lukemia.

November, the bitch, got one more kick in at the last minute.

I still can't help but have a visual image of my Aunti relaxing in Summerland with some buff satyers feeding her grapes, or better yet chocolate. Just to have my uncle show up after two weeks. I swear, I can hear her voice "Dammit Bill. Already?"