Thursday, December 13, 2007

Aaaannnnnnndddddd IT"S OFF!

Ding Dong, the pink monstrosity is gone!

Teaghan is thrilled to finally have her cast off. She was really nervous when the technician cut it off with the cast saw. (Which, BTW, looks like a hand held circular saw with a shop-vac attached LOL.) No matter how many times we tried to reassure her that it would not cut her skin she still panicked. I can't blame her I remember having casts cut off and it was the noise that was the scariest.

She had another xray and her arm is healing nicely, she still has to wear a brace just for safety and no TeKwonDo for a month. That she was really pissed about. I think she had it in her head that once the cast came off, she would go back to class that night. Still better safe then sorry.

The holidays are fast approaching. I just spent 3 hours today making a triple batch of stuffed shells for dinner. Well some for dinner tonight and the rest are for a pot-luck dinner on the weekend.

Ryleigh is feeling much better although I'm still think she is a bit pale. We discovered the hard way that she is immune to ammoxicillin. Ironically enough she hasn't been on a penicillin product for over 5 years since we thought she was allergic. Because is is such a dangerous allergy, we got her tested 6months ago and the results were negative. So when she was diagnosed with Strep throat last week and they prescribed ammox. I wasn't worried. Until after almost a week and she seemed to be getting worse and not better. Another trip to the clinic and the poor pumpkin had a massive chest infection, ear infection and a throat infection. So we are back where we started. No ammox. at least for Ryleigh and we will have to watch her reaction to other penicillin products to make sure they are working.

Now ask me if I feel like a terrible mother? I told her to stop the drama, she had been on antibiotics for 5 days so there was no way her throat was still hurting. This mommy guilt is the worst.


Myfanwy said...

Mother Guilt is a side effect of pregnancy that never goes away! If anything it will increase with their age. Believe me..I know.. lolol

Marissa Alwin said...

LOL HUGS, I see blowing bubbles is a favorite family activity! glad both kidlets are on the mend too. other guilt goes with the job and you are not alone.

My son got a splinter on my inlaws deck. We pulled out a small sliver. He limped around sucking in air and i told him to stop milking it, the splinter was out.
Two weeks later we are in the ER
having a three inch long timber cut from his foot that had finally worked itself to the surface. *sigh*