Saturday, December 15, 2007

Date Night

Tonight was date night with my hubby, after the seriously crappy month we have gone through it was nice to get out for a few hours. Didn't do to much but we did go to see I Am Legend with Will Smith. Hubby has been jonesing to see this ever since the first trailer.

How was it? Awesome, really cool....Man I so want to tell you all about it but I can't. Really! Can't say a single word because that would spoil it and believe me you don't want this spoiled. It's a roller coaster ride from the beginning to the end. Yes, there are some slightly scary parts, not gory or anything but you will jump. Hubby hated those parts, I liked it because I got to hold tighter to him. *G*

Really there are not many actors that can carry an entire movies by themselves, Wil Smith is just that talented. Yea, I know Tom Hanks did it and he is an incredibly talented actor as well, but I didn't like that movie. Not my style. This on on the other hand, wow did Smith ever show diversity

Seriously I so want to write stuff here. I'd love to discuss parts of it, and things that happened and conclusions I came to and all that other stuff...but I can't breath a word of it. Trust me you will thank me later. Tell you what if you see it and want to talk about it then you can email me.

I know the stuff below won't make much sense but if you see the movie it will. I just thought it was cool. Too bad I can't put in my postal code but Buffalo is the closest American one I could find.

Visit the Official I Am Legend Website

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Marissa Alwin said...

I am so Jealous! I cant have a fun night until I reach my word count. Which I am succeeding at by catching up on your blog *rolls eyes*

GLAD you got a night out to enjoy yourself ((HUGS)) you dserve it.