Saturday, December 22, 2007

If Fashion repeats its self, when's this coming back?

To start I have to thank Isabella Snow for posting a great clip on her blog. It's one of my favourite winter songs. Who knew 'Mr Rourke' was such a hottie back in the day (1950's) LOL

Just as a side note did you know he did the voice of one of the characters on Disney's Kim Possible, Señor Senior, Sr. (In the picture is Kim Possible, Señor Senior, Sr., and Señor Senior, Jr.)

The clip is from a movie 'Neptune's daughter' starring Ricardo Montalban and Esther Williams. They are preforming "Baby, it's cold outside." What a great song, o love the way he keeps plucking her hat off her head.

Anyhoo back to my original idea for this post. I did some surfing checking out hottie pictures of Mr. Montalban (BG) and about Esther Williams because I've seen her name but didn't know much about her. Turns out she has her own website and linked from that is a swimwear store. She did a great many movies that featured her in a bathing suit and so it makes sense *G*

I gotta say I love these suits!!! For everyone who has tried on an itty bittie suit that only looks good on an emaciated teenager, (that is all that seems to be in the stores these days) You have to check this out. I LOVE these suits! They are really cute. My fingers are crossed that the 50's will come back into fashion... hell what do I care, I am going to treat myself before next summer and get one. LOL Click here to check them out.

This is one of my favourites. Even hubby thought it was cute. I think when I told him about it he was envisioning something from the Victorian era LOL

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