Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For My Honey!

Finally, you've caught up to me. This means an end to the 'over the hill' cracks right? My wish for you is that the Steelers make a come back this year and take the SuperBowl again.

Love you!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Someone should have proof read that

"The way up, is down on your knees"

Down the street from me is a church with a changeable sign out front. This is what they had written there today. I know what they meant but that's not the way I took it. *snort, giggle*

I wonder how long it will be before they change it again. LOL

**update March 27th, they changed the sign before I could get a picture of it. bummer**

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anyone else see Supernatural tonight?

Ok so where did Sammy get those arms?! That is some serious bicep action, Holy yummy!

Don't get me wrong, Sam is still a boy in my eyes and will never replace Dean in all my fantasies.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pop Quiz!

I know I need help. I just can't resist these damn things.

You Are An Iris

You are a unique woman who needs a lot of novelty in her life.
An inspiration seeker, you often have to change scenery to recharge.
You don't deal well with structure or rules. You need to do it your own way.
Your ideal relationships are free and flowing. No one can tie you down.

A Panties Quiz!!! How could I pass that one up. LOL

You Are Funky Panties

You're stylish, trendy, but not over the top.
You know how to look good - without looking like you're trying too hard.
Men think that you're cute, friendly, and approachable.
And you've got a spunky, feisty side that comes out after a while!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I feel like marshmallow

*sigh* I just got back from my birthday present from my sister-in-law. She works in a Spa and as my prezzie she book me in for a chocolate body treatment. I've never had one before and I swear I have never experienced anything more decadent. Thi sis the ultimate in pampering and i highly recommend it to anyone. It is a must experience. of course right now I smell like a big old hunk of chocolate, which is good too.

I can't believe how fast the last week has gone. I'm on vacation for March break so I shouldn't be surprised. LOL

Good news, the class I had to do on Thursday went fine. I was a nervous wreck but by the fourth course I had finally started to relax. Better late then never huh. Now that I have done one I won't be anywhere near as nervous next time.

The chef's were from Casa Mia in St. Catherines. Claudio Mollica and I feel terrible but I can't remember his brother's name. (Pino?) The food was absolutely incredible!!! I'd post the recipes but I don't think I'm allowed. They made a Warm Mushroom Salad, Risotto, Veal Tenderloin with lobster whipped potatoes and Sabyon for dessert. The entire time they joked and handed out tips on everything from shopping to how to make sure your custard doesn't turn lumpy. Being brothers they picked on each other and turend the entire class into a very enjoyable evening.

Happy St Patrick's everyone!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Facing fears....

Ah yes, I do suffer from this. It's silly really. I can answer question after question in the store. It's not unusual to have people waiting for me on a release day to answer what ever it is they want to know about the products; BUT put me at the front of a group with all attention on me and I panic. I'm not a teacher, I'm a horrible public speaker. (think Bridget Jones, that's so me!) Part of my job description is that I have to teach classes. Now I have dodged the bullet for over 3 years but they caught up with me. This Thursday I have to teach a class. I'm terrified.

Again I know rationally that I am being silly. I can talk for hours on wine and spirits until you are sick of hearing me go on....but in front of a group with every eye on me? Does anyone have one of those little airplane baggies?

Thankfully it is a cooking class, so that the spotlight is shared with the Chef. Really he is the front liner, I'm merely the opening act, but I have to choose the wines to go with what he is creating. Then I have to explain why I choose them. LOL My heart rate is speeding up just typing this, that is how unnerved I am.

Part if my fear is having a panic attack in front of the class. I suffered for years with dabilitating irrational fears that would manifest in agonizing panic attacks. Thankfully over time I have managed to learn some tricks to diffuse them before they are out of control; BUT I still get blindsided every once in a while.

I can't wait till Friday and it's all over.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My knitting needles are NOT drum sticks!!

(the clip is just 2 minutes long)

As I sit here I can hear Ryleigh watching this movie AGAIN! LOL I can't get too angry at her because, well for one, I bought the damn DVD in the first place and besides I like it too. *G* I'm also thrilled that she is finally getting out of watching cartoon movies every time she is allowed to pick one. The real cute part is after the movie when I can hear her practicing the songs.

That has raised a concern though because she has changed her mind on what instrument she wants to play. Earlier in the week she wanted an air guitar for her birthday...Yea ok I'm evil enough I haven't explained exactly what an air guitar is to her LOL. My concern is today she announced that she is Melody NOT Josie and now wants to play the drums. *horrified gasp* What have I done!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Today's word of the day is...


I am happy to say that I woke up this morning and actually felt a bit better. I'm not a 100%, and I still sound like a cross between a seal and a bad female impersonator, but the general aches, pains, and momentous exhaustion are gone.

Of course this means I have to go to work LOL but I figure I'd rather work and 'on the mend' then be home feeling like I have for the past 5 days.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Closer to 40 then 30

Many thanks to everyone who IM'd, emailed and posted on my comments to wish me happy birthday today. Yes, officially I am now closer to forty then I was yesterday. Wasn't expecting that turning 36 would be all that traumatic; but I have been deathly ill all week so I'm not so sure it hasn't had an effect.

Thankfully I don't get sick very often but this one has knocked me on my ass. Literally. I've spent more time on my back then standing in the last few days and I certainly wasn't having any fun! BUT what really has me pissed off is the fact that when some women get sick they get this wonderful husky, sexy tone to their voice.

Me? I sound like a really bad female impersonator.....who was raised by seals and can speak their language.

The only possible positive effect is that fact that I have been coughing so much and so hard I expect to have one hell of a washboard stomach by the end of it all. LOL At least I have better have something to show for all this pain.

My day perked up considerably when a padded envelope showed up for me from my mum. She made me a bracelet and matching earrings and named them my 'were'jewelery; as in werewolf, werecheetah, weretiger for those who may be paranormally impaired ;o)
How fucking cool is that! Very clever mum I lubs them!!