Sunday, May 27, 2007

World Lupus Day

I know I'm 17 days late but it wasn't until today that I remembered that World Lupus Day was in May. My aunt passed away from this disease last September.

Today we were down in Fort Erie visiting with my dad's side of the family. It was so nice to be able to see eveyone and catch up on what is going on and visit. This was the first time I had seen everyone together since Sandy's funeral. Little William was running around playing but his dad was abnormally quiet, although I guess that is to be expected, 8 months is such a short time.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kilts, Not just for the Scottish anymore

Ok so I will freely admit that my tastes may be seen as a bit medieval...but damn I love the sight of a man in a kilt. Traditional or Informal doesn't matter it is the quickest way to get my knees to go weak. Now I have discovered a company that actually specialises in day to day kilt wear, called Utilikilt. Humina humina humina. *LOL*

Of course I showed them to hubby and got at typical response...
"NO, NO, NO, Never, not even if hell freezes over. If I saw I guy wearing that thing I'd make fun of him."
Oh come on! What is it with North American men? Have we raised multiple generations of homophobic males that are terrified of anything that might be seen as feminine? Although if anyone views a man in a kilt as looking girly then they need some serious glasses. Personally I think they are sexy as hell and would gladly ogle any man who wears them in my presence. **BG**

Utilikilt's Top 10 Reasons To Wear a Kilt!

1)Because throughout history, men have worn un-bifurcated garments. (Scots, Samoans, Egyptians, American Indians, Hawaiians, Japanese, Indians, etc.)

2)Because if women had an appendage hanging between their legs we guarantee you they wouldn't be wearing pants!

3)Freedom, and increased mobility.

4)You only go around once, so why not be as comfortable as possible?

5)All men deserve air conditioning in the summer. You will chafe no more.

6)No more adjust, right side, left side… and say goodbye to wedgies.

7)Unlike pants, the Utilikilt's pockets are only sewn down on top, so that they move with the garment but not with your leg. No more bulky crap contorting the shape of your leg. The Workman's can carry an entire six pack! You don't have to wear your cell phone on your belt. With the Workman's kilt, you don't need a tool belt.

8)The Utilikilt is made in the USA . You are supporting local industry. Your mojo will thank you.

9)Easy access...

10)Fringe benefits:
A. Physical: Your virility may increase. You will experience the pleasing sensation of air conditioning.
B. Mental: Wearing a kilt shows a sense of security with yourself, and you will inspire much debate in others.
C. Spiritual: Without physical constrictions, your burden will be lighter, your sense of freedom less impaired, and your sense of self will have room to grow.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Tale of Two Corners

I realize that first off you may be thinking that by the title I am speaking of geographical place. You know me better then that. *G* The corners I am about to tell you about are actually objects

Both my nieces were and somewhat still are Blanket Babies. Meaning they both had a special blamkie that had to be kept on their person at all times. (think Linus) Each blanket aged with time and became faded and worn but that never deminished their love for them. The older one especially would suck on one spot of hers, always the same corner. Which led her father to refer to her blankie as "Corner".

Yes my dear sweet Tay, You aren't old enough to read this on your own but there are pictures and they will be shown on your wedding day. Hopefully you will wil leave corner home that day, or at least in the limo.

The second corner is yet another of my WIP and it is not for either of my young nieces. It is for my 36 year old husband. LOL As a joke he recently asked if I had finished his "Corner" yet. Never mind that I had started it 2 days previous. At the rate I work he will be lucky to get it by his 40th birthday. Below is a picture of its humble beginnings. Yes those are Black and Gold stripes in honour of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the middle of the white patch will be a giant football helmet which will be emblazoned with their logo. The blob of black in the top right hand corner is the beginning of the front grill.

Once this big piece is finished then I have to do two strips up the right and left sides. More black and gold of course. If all goes well then they should be my car project for when we drive to Florida in October.

I'll post a picture of it when it's finished. Of course I fully intend it to be a picture of my hubby sleeping with his blankie. Oh come on I have to get some revenge for all the nagging I am about to live through *BG*

Monday, May 07, 2007

Treasures in my hedge

So while having some of the hedges cut down along our property the contractor found a small nest with 4 babies in it. Loud squacky little guys too LOL. Being a big softie himself, he put the nest in one of the bushes at the front of our house. He gets points for not tossing the nest in the chipper but he obviously doesn't have children because the nest is in full view of the front window.

Which means my 2 girls can keep an eye on them.If anything was to happen to those little ones I might be flooded out by their tears. Of course they had to be named so let me introduce you to Lulu, Twirl, Hershey & Steve.

Good news is that the mommy found them and was feeding them. Bad news? The nest wasn't stable and when she landed on it a short time ago it flipped over. Ryleigh and I were watching at the time and she freaked. So moments later there I am with a teatowel cooing at the little babies as I pluck them out of the bush and put them back in the nest.

I got a chair and put them in a near by tree. After getting some string and tieing the nest to a couple branches, so I don't have to worry about it tumbling out. My concern now is that I'm not sure of the adult birds will find them. I've seen them land in the spot where the nest was and so far haven't seen them in the tree. Oh man I may flood the house if they get abandoned.

4 hours later: All's well. The mommy bird has been spotted feeding the babies in the nest. I'm relieved she found them. *BG*

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sasquatch is an Endangers Species?

While there have not been any official sightings of him in years; A Canadian MP wants BigFoot placed on the Endangered Species list.

Apparently there is a man named Todd Standing who claims that he has proof of the creatures existence but is afraid for its safety should his findings be made public.

You know I want to poke fun at this but I so want to to be true. LOL Technically it is possible 90% of Canada is uninhabited. We live in a big ass country so it is not that far fetched that there is a creature that is real but hasn't been seen...ever? Hmm how long has the legend of Nessie been around and I believe that she is real.

You know if he is not a total wacko then this Mr Standing has the right idea. Look how much gorillas and elephants are hunted. Can you imagine what poachers would do if they knew there really is a Bigfoot?