Friday, May 04, 2007

Sasquatch is an Endangers Species?

While there have not been any official sightings of him in years; A Canadian MP wants BigFoot placed on the Endangered Species list.

Apparently there is a man named Todd Standing who claims that he has proof of the creatures existence but is afraid for its safety should his findings be made public.

You know I want to poke fun at this but I so want to to be true. LOL Technically it is possible 90% of Canada is uninhabited. We live in a big ass country so it is not that far fetched that there is a creature that is real but hasn't been seen...ever? Hmm how long has the legend of Nessie been around and I believe that she is real.

You know if he is not a total wacko then this Mr Standing has the right idea. Look how much gorillas and elephants are hunted. Can you imagine what poachers would do if they knew there really is a Bigfoot?


Mechele Armstrong said...


I'm rather fascinated with the whole thing. That and Nessie adn the Jersey Devil.

Paxa said...

If new species are still being discovered, why not a Bigfoot?

Ya know a thought just hit me, could creatures like Bigfoot be the source for trolls? They do have similar characteristics and every myth has more than a grain of truth.

FeyRhi said...

OOh the Jersey Devil. I'll admit to not being completely familar with that story although the name rings a bell. I'll have to goggle him *G*

That's not such a far fetched idea Paz. Very possible.