Monday, January 30, 2006

Things I think of in the bath.....

Anyone remember the tub scene from the first "Nightmare on Elm Street"? If I close my eyes while soaking it will replay in my memory at least once.
I'm about to turn 35. Shouldn't I have grown out of my fasination with tatoos yet?
It has come to my attention that my heroine HATES! her name. Nice of her to mention it now. Hello! It's been 3 months ya couldn't have said something sooner? Sheesh. Ok so I will admit that her name was a quick choice with little actual thought in place. Also the fact that after polishing the first 35 pages it suddenly dawned on me that I haven't really discribed her at all. I wonder if that will make it flow better.
Where would I put another tatoo?
If I was to quit my job what else would I do? Besides being a published author, that's a given.....
My characters tend to become permanent voices in my head. Some come and go, others never leave. Although I am curious to see if writing thier stories exorcises them? Simply put, it's getting crowded in there.
I wonder if my brother could help me with a website?
Should I concentrate on next....a sequal to the book I am writing or one of my historicals? Mideavel or Regency?
Did the intervention of the fates last week save me from a crushing blow from negative score sheets, forceing me to improve the content before sending it in?
Is building a website positive thinking or complete arrogance?
hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm I wonder if I will ever soak enough to answer these or will I just come up with more questions???

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Man did I do a stupid!!!!!

So it's a toss up...
Either I had a full on "d'oh" moment this week, or the Fates are bitches! At the risk of retribution, I am saying the latter.

Take this as a lesson from me. Never pre-order anything and believe the delivery date they give you. If you do then make sure you have LOTS of room on your credit card. I play my cards pretty close to the edge, hey I'm human and like most the human race out there. So I had a wack load of stuff on order but one of the books wasn't due to be released until February. The delivery date on my order was Feb 6-20th.

So as some of you will remember, I have been working all month on an entry to the Passionate Ink contest. It's pretty much take up every waking thought and been almost my sole topic of conversation.

Well Amazon shipped early. A fuck'n week and a half early! Wiped out the remaining credit on my card. Of course the payment I made earlier in the week won't be posted to my account till Monday. Why is it I can purchase something and have it instantly come off my card, but when I make a payment it takes 3-4 business days to clear?

So no credit, no contest.

Yes I could have puked and indeed thought about it. Only bright thought is the books themselves. Kinda hard to be pissed off when I got new books. One was Beth Ciotta's newest Lasso the Moon. Finished it already. LOVED IT! Can't reccommend it enough! It was a great read and stopped me from pounding my head on the nearest wall for my sheer stupidity.

So I am back to being pissed at the fates. Sure I could work on my entry more. There is still work to be done on it and the entire book, but I really wanted to get a score sheet on it. See what they thought the weak parts were. I'm not that arrogant to think that it was perfect. I know it need more work and doesn't flow as nicely as I wish it would. Fuck! Grrrrrrrr still pisses me off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the other side of my brain.....

So my obsession with everything Faery is no secret. Imagine my delight when I found two of my passions blended into one!

I am a HUGE! fan of Brian Froud. He is the author of Good Faeries/Bad Faeries and Lady Cottington's Pressed Faerie Book. His artwork makes me grin and personally I have always enjoyed the pictures of ugly faeries as opposed to the etherial perfect ones.

Now what I found are wineries that have used his artwork on their labels! Yes I know the wine could suck but who cares, the bottles would look beautiful on a shelf *BG* There are two, Summerhill Pyramid Winery is from BC. The other is Chateau Lorane from Oregon. I'm actually going to email the New World buyer at work and see if maybe we can get these wines in. It could happen! *Fingers Crossed*

Yes Honey, this one is for you too.

Need I say more? February 5, 2006

7 more days and the good guys face the Seahawks (aka badguys)

Saturday, January 21, 2006

One Step Closer

Well if it isn't already obvious, this post is in honour of my hubby's favourite team of all time.

The Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!

Tomorrow they play in the AFC Championship and if they win then they go on the the "S" game. (Can't say it in case I jinx it.)
My loving, yet slightly insane, husband has been pacing since he woke up this morning. The pressure is getting to him and he doesn't even play for the team. I will admit that he is doing much better this year then he did at this point last year. The game last year was against New England and they lost. This year they play Denver, Not that this means anything to me, but since hubby keep repeating it, it must be important. LOL
Featured here is one of the most intense coaches out there. Mr Bill Cowher! Man I have seen this guy pissed out on the field and am glad that I will never be in some of his players cleats.

You didn't honestly think that I could have anything steelers related with out a picture of MY favourite player #43 Troy Polamalu
I'm still looking for some nice pictures of Big Ben and the Bus. I'll add them as sooneas I find them.
Until then...
******GO STEELERS GO******

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random thoughts from an unorganized mind

So I am looking for a website to find out what the Greeks wore before the first century and what do I stumble scross? A Quiz. Very appropriate too concidering where my mind has been living the past couple weeks. *G* And I am Artemis!!! One totally kick ass Goddess if you ask me. I'll get into why I like so so much at some later date. Not today.

I really don't wear much in the way of jewllery, to the point where I can't remember the last time I put in earrings. Ever since I grew my hair no one sees my ears so what is the point? I wear the same watch and the same necklace every day. That's just me but then this whole rubber wristband trend arrived and I really like them!!! They are kind of a casual way to accessorize and still make people aware of things that are important to you. Most of the ones I wear are children related. The two at the top are the ones I pretty much wear on a daily basis.

Black is an anti bullying campaign ~ Dare To Care
Green is for the Girl Guides of Canada ~ Make new friends but keep the old...
White is for the Children's Miracle Network ~ Glow for Kids (it really glows in the dark!)
Dark Pink is for Breast Cancer research ~ I Am The End
Light Pink is another for Breast Cancer Research ~ Sutter Home For Hope
Sutter Home is a California winery and cudos to them for their annual campaigns for research.

There is another couple I want to get, they are put out by P.E.A.C.E. and Project Edan They are available through their websites and as soon as my credit card is happy with me again I'll be treating myself *G*

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Neurotics 'R' Us

Wow I can't believe how fast this month is passing. It's the 11th already? Damn and the month is just about to go even quicker. I just realized that a contest I had given up on entering is still within my range only I have to have everything ready by the 28th!

Originally I heard about this contest back in November when I was plugging away at my nanowrimo. So I figured what the hell, but December was a complete write off and i kinda toss the idea thinking maybe next year. That is until I got a reminder notice in my email and realized I only have to have the first 35 pages done. Well hell I have over a hundred so tweeking the first couple chapters should be no problem right?

Ever have every insecurity and neurotic tendancy blow up to 10 times their normal size in the matter of a few hours? I went from being totally pumped to aaarrrgghhh! It all sucks!

Silly eh? But I guess this is just one of those things I either deal with or toss the entire thing. So I have resorted back to what I usually do when my anxiety level starts rising. Break it down to small goals. The first time I entered a contest was a year ago and my goal for that one was just to get up enough nerve to actually enter it. Which I did. No nothing came out of it I'm not even sure where I landed as far as marks go they never said but that is ok because I accomplished what I set out to do.

Now this one is a bit more detailed, 5 page synopsis, no more then 35 pages long with a projected length of over 25,000 and the such. So this goal will be to actually get it all done and ready and entered before the 28th. I will not beat myself up if I don't do well, it's just one step closer to the day that I do get an acceptance letter.

My that sounded rather calm and rational didn't it? Of course I fully expect to have bitten off all my nails by the end of this, be sporting a few nasty pimples, and have eaten my weight in Vanilla~Candycane~fudge~crackle~icecream.

I was telling hubby about it and he suggested that I enter more then one catagory. *snmackingforehead* I'd love to but not this year. As tempting as it is to see if I could crank out 35 pages on one of my historical ideas I think adding that much more stress on myself would probably drive me insane. The sick think is I am tempted to try, LOL. It's nice to have so much support from him and the knowledge that he thinks I could do it. It was when I mentioned that one of the editors looking at the entries is from AVON(!) he suggested tring to get a second entry ready. When I first started seriously thinking about becoming an author I had said many times that I would love for my historicals be published by them.

Ok I am almost talkinn myself into this here, which is dooming myself to 2 quarts of icecream I know it!

Ok before I bite off more then I can chew, I'm going to concentrate on my paranormal entry then *IF* I have time then I will see if I can crank out something half decent for a historical entry.

Karma says "Huh?"

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How old is old??

Okay it is possible I might have made a real "eeewwww" step in my life.
Exactly how old do you have to be before your considered a "dirty old lady"? Why you might ask, well it all started out innocently enough....

I was watching Sky High with the girls. The disney movie, and instead of getting lust bunnies over Kurt Russell, like any normal person. I find my self checking out one of the other *coughyoungercough* actors. Steven Strait to be exact. Now the pictures here don't really do him justice. He looks much better in the movie. My only excuse is that his character is exactly the type of guy I was attracted to, yet terrified to speak to, in High School~the broody, angry, bad boy.

Yes I will admit that getting the hots for a (almost) 20 year old at my age is kinda nasty but he has a gorgeous smile and my brain never really matured past twenty-five so that makes it ok right?? Oh god worse yet does this make me a cougar *gasp* Oh the horror!!

He has good taste in older women, since he is posing with Carrie Fisher, ok I promise no waxing on about 'you know who' and my favourite movies series of all time.

Well I'm off to continue working on some plot ideas for a project and tomorrow I am going to officially start edits on my nanowrimo. I think I am terrified to actually look at it. What if is it all crap? What if it all sucks? Or worse yet what if I like it and have to grow a big pair of hairy balls to get the nerve to actually submitt it!

Or better yet What if I stop all this "what iffing" and start What iffing my plot lines. Oh that makes more sense *BG*

Monday, January 02, 2006

And finally it is over....

January there any better day? Not, if you work retail. Sure now there are the endless return and exchanges but that I can handle. The holiday madness is over the bitching, whining, lineups, endless questions that are pratically identical. Holestly if anyone asks me again what wine goes with turkey, I may just plop one on their head!

(*NOTE: I spent almost an hour looking ofr a picture of Friends' Joey with a turkey on his head from that Thaksgiving episode. And couldn't find one anywhere. Go figure!
So just picture it in your heads for me OK?

So now that the insanity is over my plan is to get my ass back into writing mode. I have my personal untitled WIP to work on and the project Paxa and I have been bouncing around.
Also there is my fun writing I have gotten back into lately that jump starts my brain and helps get the creative juices flowing. My posts are usually just a couple paragraphs long and only from my charries POV Mystique

It was started a couple years ago by myself and another writing partner that enjoyed writing things a but more on the graphic side. Sad part is that RL caught up with us shortly after and it kinda got left in the dust. But we caught up with each other again and got the ball rolling. It's just the two of us writing things back and forth and it's been fairly tame as of late but as I start working out frustrations and ideas on it things will steam up again.

ON a personal note I am just about 80% done the thrid book from Beth Ciotta. Are they good you might ask? Well I started them 2 days ago. They are awesome and great fun to read!!! I can't wait till her next one is out.

Have fun in the snow or sun depending on where you are and I'll catch up again later!