Saturday, January 28, 2006

Man did I do a stupid!!!!!

So it's a toss up...
Either I had a full on "d'oh" moment this week, or the Fates are bitches! At the risk of retribution, I am saying the latter.

Take this as a lesson from me. Never pre-order anything and believe the delivery date they give you. If you do then make sure you have LOTS of room on your credit card. I play my cards pretty close to the edge, hey I'm human and like most the human race out there. So I had a wack load of stuff on order but one of the books wasn't due to be released until February. The delivery date on my order was Feb 6-20th.

So as some of you will remember, I have been working all month on an entry to the Passionate Ink contest. It's pretty much take up every waking thought and been almost my sole topic of conversation.

Well Amazon shipped early. A fuck'n week and a half early! Wiped out the remaining credit on my card. Of course the payment I made earlier in the week won't be posted to my account till Monday. Why is it I can purchase something and have it instantly come off my card, but when I make a payment it takes 3-4 business days to clear?

So no credit, no contest.

Yes I could have puked and indeed thought about it. Only bright thought is the books themselves. Kinda hard to be pissed off when I got new books. One was Beth Ciotta's newest Lasso the Moon. Finished it already. LOVED IT! Can't reccommend it enough! It was a great read and stopped me from pounding my head on the nearest wall for my sheer stupidity.

So I am back to being pissed at the fates. Sure I could work on my entry more. There is still work to be done on it and the entire book, but I really wanted to get a score sheet on it. See what they thought the weak parts were. I'm not that arrogant to think that it was perfect. I know it need more work and doesn't flow as nicely as I wish it would. Fuck! Grrrrrrrr still pisses me off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the other side of my brain.....

So my obsession with everything Faery is no secret. Imagine my delight when I found two of my passions blended into one!

I am a HUGE! fan of Brian Froud. He is the author of Good Faeries/Bad Faeries and Lady Cottington's Pressed Faerie Book. His artwork makes me grin and personally I have always enjoyed the pictures of ugly faeries as opposed to the etherial perfect ones.

Now what I found are wineries that have used his artwork on their labels! Yes I know the wine could suck but who cares, the bottles would look beautiful on a shelf *BG* There are two, Summerhill Pyramid Winery is from BC. The other is Chateau Lorane from Oregon. I'm actually going to email the New World buyer at work and see if maybe we can get these wines in. It could happen! *Fingers Crossed*


Tori Lennox said...

Why is it I can purchase something and have it instantly come off my card, but when I make a payment it takes 3-4 business days to clear?

Because credit card companies are evil, greedy minions of Satan. ;)

frenchpeas said...

Aww, I'm so sorry!! I'm going to put blame at the feet of Amazon. Not only are credit card companies evil, but Amazon has known to consort with Satan as well.

Nah, scratch that. Giving Satan a bad name. :)

FeyRhi said...

Tori I couldn't agree more! I swear this time I'm gonna cut the damn thing up! Of course that might prove harder then quitting smoking.....

*muah* Thanks Frenchpeas. I'm thinking that perhaps Amazon is OWNED by Satan?