Saturday, January 21, 2006

One Step Closer

Well if it isn't already obvious, this post is in honour of my hubby's favourite team of all time.

The Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!

Tomorrow they play in the AFC Championship and if they win then they go on the the "S" game. (Can't say it in case I jinx it.)
My loving, yet slightly insane, husband has been pacing since he woke up this morning. The pressure is getting to him and he doesn't even play for the team. I will admit that he is doing much better this year then he did at this point last year. The game last year was against New England and they lost. This year they play Denver, Not that this means anything to me, but since hubby keep repeating it, it must be important. LOL
Featured here is one of the most intense coaches out there. Mr Bill Cowher! Man I have seen this guy pissed out on the field and am glad that I will never be in some of his players cleats.

You didn't honestly think that I could have anything steelers related with out a picture of MY favourite player #43 Troy Polamalu
I'm still looking for some nice pictures of Big Ben and the Bus. I'll add them as sooneas I find them.
Until then...
******GO STEELERS GO******


Mechele Armstrong said...

I have brainwashed by certain other team's fans. LOL so I won't say anything. *G*

I just figured out you had a blog...duh.

FeyRhi said...

I know all about being brainwashed Michele. It's taken hubby ten years to get me interested in the sport. Not that I really am, I've jut become a better actress LOL