Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!! Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas are my favourite pick!

You have one day left to fill those stockings but what do you get? Here are a few fail safe ideas that will get them stuffed :) Lets face it sometimes we want to get as much in there as possible and the bigger the better to fill it. Think of who it's for and what they like. Have a knitter to buy for? Go to their favourite yarn shop...yes every knitter has a favourite. and pick up a ball of something super soft and squishy. Will they knit it into something? Maybe not but knitters love to touch and feel decadent yarns. What about your stressed out partner? I absolutely love these little packets and you can pick them up at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart and there are lots of different treats. All completely calorie free but will help even the most stressed out soul to relax. These are my favourite treats to myself. Best part is they are inexpensive so you can pick up lots of different kinds. :) Check out their website. Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Lets face it, when in doubt go for chocolate! The good stuff too not a handful of chocolate bars you picked up at the gas station. LOL Lindor truffles will get you a smile. :) Take all the above and add a book from a favourite author and you've created a mini-spa or quiet afternoon retreat that will earn you tons of thanks and the honour of being the best stocking stuffer ever!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My faery name

Your fairy is called Thorn Rainbowwitch
She is a fortune bringer.
She lives in brambles and blackberry bushes.
She is only seen in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking.
She wears purple and green like berries and leaves. She has multicoloured wings like a butterfly.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tis the season...

It's been almost 4 months since I posted something here. To be honest I really didn't have anything to say. Life went up. little ups and downs here and there, but really nothing that I thought would be blog worthy. The longer time went by the more I thought a post should be significant. I wish I hadn't thought that.

Today, something terrible happened. I've carried it around all day a heavy weight on my soul that tarnished this season for me.

Today, a poor soul pulled his car into the parking lot of my work place. He got into the back seat of his car and slashed his wrists. I don't know how long he was there but at one point a car pulled up next to him and a woman got out of the car and happened to look into the back seat of his car. She phone the ambulance. Inside the store we had no idea of what was going on. It's only human nature to look out the window when you see flashing lights. The ambulance pulled up and the red and blue lights shone all the way to the back of the store where my section is. I saw the paramedics roll him into the back of the ambulance. I didn't recognise him, he's a senior citizen and his face is imprinted on my memory forever.

I have to assume that if a person tries to commit suicide in the parking lot of a liquor store on a Saturday morning, he doesn't really want to die. It had to be a cry for help. The heartbreaking part is, last I heard, they didn't expect him to make it.

I spent the rest of the day looking at my customers. So many people walking around looking angry or frustrated or so concerned about what perfect wine to buy for their holiday dinner.

No matter what your religion is, because really it doesn't matter. Do me a favour. EVERY DAY! Smile at a stranger. Say 'HI' to someone that looks sad. Volunteer at a senior centre for a couple afternoons one weekend. If we all tried to connect with those around us, wouldn't that make this world a better place to live?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's been awhile....

I'd use the excuse that it's summer but really this week is the first that actually feels like my favourite season. Hot, Humid, Sticky, Yeah baby bring it on!. Winter is way too long in this country so I welcome the sun with open arms.

It feels as though I have been trapped under a mountin of things that need to be done and I never have enough time. Really who wants to hear me complain about all that anyways. I actually have something to talk about.

Today was our second appointment at McMaster Children's Hospital and after 3 hours of testing we recieved the official diagnosis. My Fey Princess has Asperger's Syndrome. Not a big shock since we have suspected this for a very long time. To be honest I didn't want an official diagnosis. My fear being that some jerk will tell her she can't do something. I never want her not to try because she has Aspergers.
BUT (and it's a big BUT)
I can't get her the help she NEEDS from the school board, without the diagnosis. Hello Mr Rock and Mr Hardplace. She is going into highschool in a few years and without any extra help she will quicky fall through the cracks and be lost. That's a risk I'm not willing to take.

We spoke to her about it and while she doesn't completely understand what it is, she is happy to hear that she will get more help in school and that she isn't the only person.

Famous Aspergerians

Albert Einstein, Alan Turing
Al Gore, Andy Kaufman
Andy Warhol, Bill Gates
Bob Dylan, Carl Jung
Hans Asperger, Henry Ford
Isaac Asimov, Isaac Newton
Jane Austen, Mark Twain
Michael Palin, Mozart (could be ADHD instead)
Nikola Tesla, Thomas Jefferson
Vincent Van Gogh, Woody Allen

Aspergers characters in film and TV series:

Commander Data from Star Trek Next Generation
Mr Spock from Star Trek Original Series
Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis
Seven-of-Nine from Star Trek Voyager
Chauncy Gardener, played by Peter Sellers in Being There is a particularly good portrayal
Jerry Espenson from Boston Legal (and also possibly Tourette Syndrome)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Thankfully the rain held off today and we actually got a few bits of sun. Took the kids and dogs to Lowville and visited the trails and played in the river. it was a lot of fun and reminded Chris and I how we used to do stuff like this all the time when the kids were young. Sadly we have gotten very lazy about going anywhere now that we have a house with a pool. Pool is great but I had forgotten how much we enjoy heading out somewhere and have fun.

So we all decided that we are going to do our 'Sundays' again and actually go somewhere else other then the backyard.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I try not to speak ill of the dead.

It seems like everywhere I look today there are tributes to Michael Jackson. I know I'm not going to be popular in my views but really does the general public that this short of a memory.

This was a man who was just not right, and was probably more messed up then anyone ever knew.

Does mean I am glad to see him dead? No, of course not. Having a person's life end when they are only half way through it, is sad. On the other hand, the world is short one pedophile and his children might have a chance at a normal life. As long as there isn't some sort of long drawn out custody battle. Anyone else remember what happened to Anna Nicole's daughter? At least that little girl wasn't old enough to understand, the Jackson children are much older then that.

But to see everyone carrying on about his death like they are? There was a time when he was a talented musician, who I hope enjoyed his life and his music. Long before the plastic surgery, and extreme behaviour. He was the SELF-APPOINTED king of pop, it's not like he won a contest or anything.

To carry on like the music business will never be the same again? I think that's insulting to all the musicians out there that are incredibly talented, and don't rely on outrageous behaviour to bolster their sagging careers.