Friday, June 30, 2006

I just don't get it...

It's this whole soccer thing.(Yes I realize that the World cup is only on every 4 years or so that makes it special.)
Everywhere you drive there are cars with the little flags attached to the window. I'm not sure if it is just the part of Ontario I live in or if it's everywhere but suddenly soccer is all anyone wants to talk about! I'll be honest I have no interest in the games at all. Watched a professional game once and saw a bunch of players taking "dives", pretending that they got hurt rolling around on the ground, Oscar level performances too. Not for me, I'll take hockey or rugby where they don't pretend to get hurt...they really are.
I'll stick with the mini-soccer my girls play, that is fun to watch.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2 of my favourite words...


I made quick stop at Chapters on the weekend to pick up Karen Marie Moning's newest book, just to discover they're having a Buy 3 get the 4th Free sale. Well hot damn! Life doesn't get much better then that.

There was no way I could turn that down with the price of paperback these days. So I also grabbed an anthology, and Julia Quinn's newest. Now since technically I wasn't paying for the 4th I figured why not try someone new. So after much picking up and putting down I finally decided on a book by Alexis Morgan. Never heard of her before, but her book looked good.

Now for the best part, the book was better then good. I really enjoyed it. Read the damn thing in less then 24 hours. It's titledDark Protector and has all the things I like best is a book.
Tortured heros, strong heronines, quirky habit, a bit of sci/fi paranormal spice, well written and I'm hooked. Like really hooked.

Apparently this is the first of a series of book about the Paladin. A race of immortals that protect the world as we know it. The trick to the Paladin's is not to kill them but to make sure they stay that way. They aren't undead; they just don't stay dead.

Click on the title to find out more about it but it was a perfect summer read. My only complaint is while looking up the web addy on Amazon I noticed that the books release date is TODAY! You know what that means; I have a LONG ass wait till I get my hands on the second in the series. Oh well at least I have another author in my list of books to watch for.

Of course this got me thinking. Wouldn't is be a better idea to release a couple of books pratically back to back? Say 2 months apart. Especially if you are a new author? Of course that means haveing 2 books done before approaching an editor. Hell I'll be happy when I get ths one done. *G*

But if you did have a couple books ready and a third on the go I would imagine that releasing them close together would help build a readership yes? If they really like your books then they would be willing to wait and less likely to forget about you while waiting for the next?

But then I already mentioned that I will watch for Ms Morgan's next so perhaps it is just my impatience colouring my opinion. Also I am not thinking of this like a publisher. I'm sure they would be more worried about the first flopping and then the second comes out and they both sit there. Perhaps it more about the publisher wanting to make sure that the author sells before they invest in them.

Nah...I'm just impatient.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A funny thing happened on my way to the 100G mark

Wow I really am having a busy month! It's the 22nd already, the girls are finished school for the summer at the end of next week. Holy damn things better slow down cause the weather just got nice and I don't want summer flying by! It obviously hasn't been that interesting cause it took me ages to think of something to gab about here. Must have been meeting Sherrilyn that did it. Everything else paled in comparison *G*


On a HAPPY!!! note the girl missing in the post below has been found. I don't know all the details but all that matters is that she is back with her family. Tragically not something that always happens, I can't put into words how relieved I am for the family and her parents.


So I had an interesting moment while writing. I get a rare quiet moment to work on my book and figure 20 minutes is better then nothing. So there I am working on a scene that I know need to be done and in my mind's eye suddenly a man turns around and it's one of the main heros. Shocked the hell out of me, I wasn't planning for either of them to be there actually, neither of the boys are due to meet the heroine again till a few scenes later.

I was going to delete it when suddenly it dawned that having him there made sense. It also made a situation a chapter later (that I thought was painfully awkward)easier. It was like all the pieces suddenly fell into place and made sense. I got the rush like "maybe I can do this after all".

August is only 9 short weeks away. The end of that month is my own personal deadline. I want to be working on a query for September and shiping it out to potential editors before the end of the pagan year. This adventure started at the beginning of the year with NaNoWriMo in November. I want to start the next year with a writing frenze on my next book.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A parents worst nightmare.

From what I understand time is the most critical part of finding lost children.
Please visit this link and have a look at the young lady pictured. You never know you might have seen her.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A totally WOW day!!!!!

After devouring all her books over the past year I actually met Sherrilyn Kenyon today. I like to pride my self on being down to earth and not getting star struck...yea well that went out the window. I was bloody nervous LOL

Wow, Sherrilyn is one of the sweetest people on the planet. Today's signing was great. Chapter's had set up chairs for everyone and she did a bit of Q&A before the signing. I was in the front row and hubby was in the back with the girls. Everytime I looked at him he would mouth "Ask a question" Damn wouldn't you know it I couldn't think of a single one LOL.

Everyone did the typical trying to get her to spill something about the upcoming books. All she would say is that the dream hunter books would be out in Jan/Feb and we would meet Ash's heroine in one of them. But we already knew that. Right now she is concentrating on the Lords of Avalon series. She also told a few really funny stories about her family and kids. It was so much fun. (Paz that is your book she is signing in the picture)

It's amazing how down to earth she is and how she tries to maked everyone feel special. I did speak to her and I think that it was English I was speaking but I'm not sure. *G* She is just so sweet and huggy. That's another awesome thing about her. I got two hugs from her *G* I'm a huggy person too so I loved that. I'm sure I made a complete goober of myself but she was nice enough to pretend she didn't notice. She's really tiny too ;o)

There were a couple of the loop writers there. Jaqs, Isis and Desari to name three. It's been ages since I've done any loop writing that I feel a bit out of it. Still it's nice to now have a face behind the characters.

I would have stayed longer if the hubster and kids hadn't been chomping at the bit to get out of there. Considering they had been waiting for 2.5 hours I couldn't bitch too much. Yes I did try to convince him that it might not be a good idea for them all to come, but he got it in his head that we could make a day of it. I think the last time we went downtown T.O. as a family was 3 years ago when I got tickets to a Jays game.

We took the kids around downtown Toronto for some sightseeing and a subwayride back to the car. I actually saw the AG again just down the street fro Chapters, but she was having lunch on a patio (with Jacs) and I refrained from making more of a goober of myself. It was a close call

Friday, June 09, 2006

The worries never end....

For yet another informative post, click here

Damn Angela Knight is one smart cookie. She may not post often but when she does I always learn something knew about the craft and publishing industry and end up reading it more then once. Same can be said for Morgan Hawke

For me I think there is a saying that a little knowledge is a bad thing. I'm still going to write my story the way I want and hope that the publishing houses 'get it'.

I did sit in on a chat last night with literary agent Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency. She was answering everyone's questions and seems very appraochable. LOL I bet her in-box was crammed with submissions this morning. Not that I blame anyone. If my book was ready I would have sent a query in in too.

It's all so damn intimidating. Of course I could just wait to worry about it when my book is finished but why would I do something like that? *G*

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

One more thing off my mind....

I love it when I get something accomplished that has been on the back of my mind. Case in point, I had a rather important exam I had to write for work. Between scheduling delays on the part of head office and my own procrastination I have had this hanging over my head for a couple years.

Today I wrote it.... If you noticed the mushroom like cloud over Toronto that was me in the process. I don't think I bombed it, in fact I came out of the exam feeling positive. Kiss of death. Anytime in school when I thought I did well it usually turned out to be the opposite. LOL

Funny how anyone can ask me a question at work and I don't have a problem answering it. Write it down, slap the term 'exam' or 'test' at the top of the paper and I blank out. Strange huh?

I'm just glad it's finally over. I didn't realize how much it was bugging me until I didn't have to worry about it any more. At least for another 4-6 weeks when I get my test results back.

Monday, June 05, 2006

From humble beginnings

Welcome to FeyRhi Estates!
Located on the North Shore of Lake Ontario
Projected volume for 2007...oh half a bottle at best

Ok I'm just kidding I'm not really starting a winery although that is one of my favourite daydreams. Being an accomplished (multi published), successful writer and owning a vineyard. I could write while overlooking ripening grapes. *sigh*

Hey you never know right! That's what dreams are for. Mine just happens to be a bit of the far fetched side but not completely unatainable. Although I'm gonig to have to sell a whole lots of books to be able to afford a small vineyard on the St David's Bench (my favourite Niagara appellation)
This is a 2 yr old Pinot Noir vine that I was given while on conference. If memory serves it was Henry of Pelham that donated them to us. (One of my favourite Niagara wineries!) This one is all mine though, it won't do much this year but should grow like mad next. Vines don't produce grapes till the third year.

I was actually learning how to plant vines like this one in their (Pelham's) vineyard last Wednesday. We were planting Riesling, whish means the 2009 vintages will contain juice from the grapes I planted *G* Ok stop looking at me like that, I think it's cool.

I am still kicking my self for not bringing my camera. It was such a busy day, We were at Coyote's Run in the morning, off to Brock university for a WCO presentation on the new Niagara Appellations. Had a BBQ lunch there then my group was off to Pelham. That was the best part of the day. Planting vines is not easy work. Opposite to what you might assume, grapes grow best in crap soil. The vineyard soil is rock hard and mostly red clay. It was still fun though. The brothers are a great bunch of guys and are so down to earth. It is a must stop on any winery tour.

I suspect that many of you might be getting the same glazed look on your face as my brother does when I slip into wine mode so I'll stop here. He was teasing me last night that I look the same when we he starts on about rad techs and nuclear power.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Long time no see!!

Contrary to the way it has looked, I did not drop off the face of the planet *G*

Although I nearly choked when I saw how long it has been since I posted here last. My feet may still be planted firmly on terra firma but damn time is flying.

Last week I was away on our yearly conference. I can't say it was difficult staying in a gorgeous hotel, having a bed all to myself with maids to make it in the morning and not have to worry about dishes and laundry for 4 days. I was still glad to get home though, well until I saw the condition of the house then I was ready to go back.

It's a really busy week filled with fun tastings and winery tours blended in with mind numbing head office 'powerpoint' presentations. You can almost hear the collective groan with that flashes on the screen. By the end of the week I wish that someone still did presentations with the old fashion flip chart and markers.
I'll spare you all the deatils today, since it would make this post incredibly long. Besides it gives me something to gab about all week.

I am going to skip to one of the coolest parts. During one of the presentations Thursday afternoon I got to try a 1970 Ruffino Ducale Oro Chianti Classico Riserva. Yup you did the math right. It was a 36 year old wine. That is the oldest vintage I have ever tried so far. I was amazed at how well it was still drinking. We were doing a vertical so there was also the 1980, 1990, 1999, and 2001. I will admit I'm not a huge Chianti fan to begin with but the experience ment a lot to me.

It is very possible that shipping from Italy may have throw it off. Lets face it; wines approaching that age don't travel well. Aldofo Folinari who was presenting was telling us that they had done a tasting on the 1955 vintages the week before last at the winery and it was still drinking well.

There was also the 1999 Lodola Nuova Vino Nobile di Montepulciano which was very nice and my partner in world domination *cough* I mean friend/coworker/roomate loved. For me it was the 1999 Greppone Mazi Brunello di Montalciano that had me in rapture. 'Delish' is a complete understatement. I'm tempted to launch into a full tasteing note but...oh why not.

Raspberry, black cherries, milk chocolate, coffee and sweet herbs on the nose, with a rich, fleshy/chewy palate and good acidity. It did have some grippy tannins on the finish, to be expected considering the young age, but they were balanced with the fruit and acidity. The fruitcake finish went on for ages. I loved it! Just typing about it now has my mouth watering again LOL

There is so much more to tell but I'll fill you in as the week goes. There is one very good thing about powerpoint presentations. When they get too mind numbing I tend to daydream. Wonderful state for a writer. I may not have bumped up my word count any but I did get some backstory written. Building up the story about Amaryllis' mother was a big sticking point for me; that has aided in fleshing her out. I also got some spacifics about Thanatos' and Hypnos' characters and how they live/react to a contemporary setting. I have no idea if any of this wil actually make it into the story but at least they will give the characters a bit more depth.