Friday, June 09, 2006

The worries never end....

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Damn Angela Knight is one smart cookie. She may not post often but when she does I always learn something knew about the craft and publishing industry and end up reading it more then once. Same can be said for Morgan Hawke

For me I think there is a saying that a little knowledge is a bad thing. I'm still going to write my story the way I want and hope that the publishing houses 'get it'.

I did sit in on a chat last night with literary agent Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency. She was answering everyone's questions and seems very appraochable. LOL I bet her in-box was crammed with submissions this morning. Not that I blame anyone. If my book was ready I would have sent a query in in too.

It's all so damn intimidating. Of course I could just wait to worry about it when my book is finished but why would I do something like that? *G*

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