Friday, June 30, 2006

I just don't get it...

It's this whole soccer thing.(Yes I realize that the World cup is only on every 4 years or so that makes it special.)
Everywhere you drive there are cars with the little flags attached to the window. I'm not sure if it is just the part of Ontario I live in or if it's everywhere but suddenly soccer is all anyone wants to talk about! I'll be honest I have no interest in the games at all. Watched a professional game once and saw a bunch of players taking "dives", pretending that they got hurt rolling around on the ground, Oscar level performances too. Not for me, I'll take hockey or rugby where they don't pretend to get hurt...they really are.
I'll stick with the mini-soccer my girls play, that is fun to watch.


Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL. I don't get the soccer thing either. I love watching little ones play, because they still are clueless most of them.

FeyRhi said...

Aren't they the best! Just like a swarm of bees running after the ball LOL. My oldest has reached the age where they actually play 'positions'. She loves the game but doesn't have an athleic bone in her body.