Thursday, June 22, 2006

A funny thing happened on my way to the 100G mark

Wow I really am having a busy month! It's the 22nd already, the girls are finished school for the summer at the end of next week. Holy damn things better slow down cause the weather just got nice and I don't want summer flying by! It obviously hasn't been that interesting cause it took me ages to think of something to gab about here. Must have been meeting Sherrilyn that did it. Everything else paled in comparison *G*


On a HAPPY!!! note the girl missing in the post below has been found. I don't know all the details but all that matters is that she is back with her family. Tragically not something that always happens, I can't put into words how relieved I am for the family and her parents.


So I had an interesting moment while writing. I get a rare quiet moment to work on my book and figure 20 minutes is better then nothing. So there I am working on a scene that I know need to be done and in my mind's eye suddenly a man turns around and it's one of the main heros. Shocked the hell out of me, I wasn't planning for either of them to be there actually, neither of the boys are due to meet the heroine again till a few scenes later.

I was going to delete it when suddenly it dawned that having him there made sense. It also made a situation a chapter later (that I thought was painfully awkward)easier. It was like all the pieces suddenly fell into place and made sense. I got the rush like "maybe I can do this after all".

August is only 9 short weeks away. The end of that month is my own personal deadline. I want to be working on a query for September and shiping it out to potential editors before the end of the pagan year. This adventure started at the beginning of the year with NaNoWriMo in November. I want to start the next year with a writing frenze on my next book.

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