Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2 of my favourite words...


I made quick stop at Chapters on the weekend to pick up Karen Marie Moning's newest book, just to discover they're having a Buy 3 get the 4th Free sale. Well hot damn! Life doesn't get much better then that.

There was no way I could turn that down with the price of paperback these days. So I also grabbed an anthology, and Julia Quinn's newest. Now since technically I wasn't paying for the 4th I figured why not try someone new. So after much picking up and putting down I finally decided on a book by Alexis Morgan. Never heard of her before, but her book looked good.

Now for the best part, the book was better then good. I really enjoyed it. Read the damn thing in less then 24 hours. It's titledDark Protector and has all the things I like best is a book.
Tortured heros, strong heronines, quirky habit, a bit of sci/fi paranormal spice, well written and I'm hooked. Like really hooked.

Apparently this is the first of a series of book about the Paladin. A race of immortals that protect the world as we know it. The trick to the Paladin's is not to kill them but to make sure they stay that way. They aren't undead; they just don't stay dead.

Click on the title to find out more about it but it was a perfect summer read. My only complaint is while looking up the web addy on Amazon I noticed that the books release date is TODAY! You know what that means; I have a LONG ass wait till I get my hands on the second in the series. Oh well at least I have another author in my list of books to watch for.

Of course this got me thinking. Wouldn't is be a better idea to release a couple of books pratically back to back? Say 2 months apart. Especially if you are a new author? Of course that means haveing 2 books done before approaching an editor. Hell I'll be happy when I get ths one done. *G*

But if you did have a couple books ready and a third on the go I would imagine that releasing them close together would help build a readership yes? If they really like your books then they would be willing to wait and less likely to forget about you while waiting for the next?

But then I already mentioned that I will watch for Ms Morgan's next so perhaps it is just my impatience colouring my opinion. Also I am not thinking of this like a publisher. I'm sure they would be more worried about the first flopping and then the second comes out and they both sit there. Perhaps it more about the publisher wanting to make sure that the author sells before they invest in them.

Nah...I'm just impatient.


Mechele Armstrong said...

I love book sales! Glad you picked a good one, too.

LOL it would be marketing to say, hey I do have two books done. And you will finsh one! I'm looking forward to it!

FeyRhi said...

THank you for the vote of confidence. My goal is to have it completed and Editor ready by the end of Aug. Get out that whip I'm gonna need reminding LOL