Sunday, February 17, 2008

Suffering Withdrawl

As I type this I am on my hubby's work laptop. Why you might ask am I not on our computer? Well my very intelligent husband did something not so intelligent. This not so intelligent move involved a popup and his allowing a download figuring that after it was done he would just erase what was there. Yea, that is a big ass NO.

So the computer is in the shop what they try to get rid of 2 nightmare viruses. It's bad...real bad. Last check they were scanning the computer for the third time in hopes that they had it. Originally we were to have the computer back by Thursday evening. Now if we are very lucky it will Tuesday or Wednesday.

He only figured out how to get this hooked up last night, by then we were both sweathing and suffering the shakes. He was worse then me because I could surf a small bit at work, enough at least to check emails.

Keep you fingers crossed that those nasty bugs get erased and our computer comes back safe and sound. At least now hubby won't be so against spending the money on a good anti-everything system. No matter what it costs, I expect it will still be cheaper then the bill from the computer shop.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Scottish Haka

Just a bit of backstory before you watch the clip. The Haka is a traditional NewZealand Dace performed by all members of the tribes. The All Blacks (NZ Rugby Team) preform one before every international match. It's very cool and you can see them getting charged up as they dance it.

This commercial cracked me up. Warrior to Warrior Never underestimate the Scottish form of intimidation.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How I spent my Monday afternoon

Got a frantic phone call from hubby just at lunch time. So much for the story about dogs having puppies around 10 at night. Ours decided a freezing cold Monday afternoon suited her just fine.

Thankfully our friend, Chris, works nearby so she popped in to make sure that everything was ok. She breeds small dogs and had been around for lots of births. She made it just in time for the first one and stayed till the third. I'm helping to clean up number 4, a little boy. He started sucking on my finger right away. Not bad for being 10 seconds old. Things slowed down after number 5 and we thought we might get one of two more. Two more were born, Karma went out for a pee and then came back in and had another one. I freaked since I did'nt know she had, with 7 puppies in the way she couldn't get to her hind end I guess. I moved her tail and saw a little one there still in the sac. I freaked (yea yea I know) so I ripped the bag open and brought her closer to karma's face. She took care of what she needed to and I made sure the little beastie was squeeking.

After all that it was some well neeeded down time for us and her. Too much excitement. I popped out to put some gas in the car and on the way back Chris (hubby) called my cell. He had gone up to check on her and found another wet one. LOL
That makes a total of nine. I was terrified she might have more but thankfully that was it.

Final order: 1 girl, 3 boys, 3 girls, then 2 boys. Mommy and babies are doing fine.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I know I'm a day late

I know it's Friday but lets just pretend that I am ontime for once ok?
I got tagged by Mechele Armstrong. She actually tagged me to do 16 instead of the regular 13 which I guess is fair since I am a day late. I already did one list for my alter ego Corinne Davies. I'm going to try to attempt to do this one with out repeats. Yikes!

Thirteen or so Random things about FeyRhi
The mission: list sixteen random personal facts or habits, and then pick twelve of my friends to tag.


1.) I have been an active member of Neopets for 66 months.

2.) I believe that life is too short to drink bad wine.

3.) My dog is going to have puppies any moment.

4.) I dropped out of school when I was 16 because I knew everything.

5.) I went back to highschool in 1990 at the ripe old age of 19, when I realized I didn't know everything. (Graduated in '92!)

6.) I write historical romances and paranormal erotica. When I grow up I want to be a published author.

7.) I think that Monty Python consisted of a group of comedic geniuses.

8.) I suffered with dibilitating panic attacks for years, believing I was the only one. (this was long before anyone had ever heard of them)

9.) My palate can withstand tasting 75 - 80 different alcoholic products before it looses its sensitivity. (No, you do NOT swallow at a tasting, you spit. Yes, we have heard all the jokes.)

10.) I KNOW Ontario wines kick ass. (Henry of Pelham Reserve Baco Noir)

11.) I have a girl crush on Angelina Jolie

12.) My husband drives me insane on a regular basis but he is my rock. I can't imagine life without him.

13.) I would like to loose 20 lbs. I have a sweet tooth that prevents this.

14.) I miss my Aunti Sue so much.

15.) I believe in the faery. They are not what Disney would have you believe.

16.) One of my most favourite artists is John William Waterhouse. A copy of The Lady of Shalott [on boat] hangs in my dining room.

As for tagging I welcome anyone who wants to try. it's cool trying to think stuff up. Just make sure you make a comment so I know that you did it!