Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How old is old??

Okay it is possible I might have made a real "eeewwww" step in my life.
Exactly how old do you have to be before your considered a "dirty old lady"? Why you might ask, well it all started out innocently enough....

I was watching Sky High with the girls. The disney movie, and instead of getting lust bunnies over Kurt Russell, like any normal person. I find my self checking out one of the other *coughyoungercough* actors. Steven Strait to be exact. Now the pictures here don't really do him justice. He looks much better in the movie. My only excuse is that his character is exactly the type of guy I was attracted to, yet terrified to speak to, in High School~the broody, angry, bad boy.

Yes I will admit that getting the hots for a (almost) 20 year old at my age is kinda nasty but he has a gorgeous smile and my brain never really matured past twenty-five so that makes it ok right?? Oh god worse yet does this make me a cougar *gasp* Oh the horror!!

He has good taste in older women, since he is posing with Carrie Fisher, ok I promise no waxing on about 'you know who' and my favourite movies series of all time.

Well I'm off to continue working on some plot ideas for a project and tomorrow I am going to officially start edits on my nanowrimo. I think I am terrified to actually look at it. What if is it all crap? What if it all sucks? Or worse yet what if I like it and have to grow a big pair of hairy balls to get the nerve to actually submitt it!

Or better yet What if I stop all this "what iffing" and start What iffing my plot lines. Oh that makes more sense *BG*

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