Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random thoughts from an unorganized mind

So I am looking for a website to find out what the Greeks wore before the first century and what do I stumble scross? A Quiz. Very appropriate too concidering where my mind has been living the past couple weeks. *G* And I am Artemis!!! One totally kick ass Goddess if you ask me. I'll get into why I like so so much at some later date. Not today.

I really don't wear much in the way of jewllery, to the point where I can't remember the last time I put in earrings. Ever since I grew my hair no one sees my ears so what is the point? I wear the same watch and the same necklace every day. That's just me but then this whole rubber wristband trend arrived and I really like them!!! They are kind of a casual way to accessorize and still make people aware of things that are important to you. Most of the ones I wear are children related. The two at the top are the ones I pretty much wear on a daily basis.

Black is an anti bullying campaign ~ Dare To Care
Green is for the Girl Guides of Canada ~ Make new friends but keep the old...
White is for the Children's Miracle Network ~ Glow for Kids (it really glows in the dark!)
Dark Pink is for Breast Cancer research ~ I Am The End
Light Pink is another for Breast Cancer Research ~ Sutter Home For Hope
Sutter Home is a California winery and cudos to them for their annual campaigns for research.

There is another couple I want to get, they are put out by P.E.A.C.E. and Project Edan They are available through their websites and as soon as my credit card is happy with me again I'll be treating myself *G*

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