Monday, January 02, 2006

And finally it is over....

January there any better day? Not, if you work retail. Sure now there are the endless return and exchanges but that I can handle. The holiday madness is over the bitching, whining, lineups, endless questions that are pratically identical. Holestly if anyone asks me again what wine goes with turkey, I may just plop one on their head!

(*NOTE: I spent almost an hour looking ofr a picture of Friends' Joey with a turkey on his head from that Thaksgiving episode. And couldn't find one anywhere. Go figure!
So just picture it in your heads for me OK?

So now that the insanity is over my plan is to get my ass back into writing mode. I have my personal untitled WIP to work on and the project Paxa and I have been bouncing around.
Also there is my fun writing I have gotten back into lately that jump starts my brain and helps get the creative juices flowing. My posts are usually just a couple paragraphs long and only from my charries POV Mystique

It was started a couple years ago by myself and another writing partner that enjoyed writing things a but more on the graphic side. Sad part is that RL caught up with us shortly after and it kinda got left in the dust. But we caught up with each other again and got the ball rolling. It's just the two of us writing things back and forth and it's been fairly tame as of late but as I start working out frustrations and ideas on it things will steam up again.

ON a personal note I am just about 80% done the thrid book from Beth Ciotta. Are they good you might ask? Well I started them 2 days ago. They are awesome and great fun to read!!! I can't wait till her next one is out.

Have fun in the snow or sun depending on where you are and I'll catch up again later!


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