Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Tale of Two Corners

I realize that first off you may be thinking that by the title I am speaking of geographical place. You know me better then that. *G* The corners I am about to tell you about are actually objects

Both my nieces were and somewhat still are Blanket Babies. Meaning they both had a special blamkie that had to be kept on their person at all times. (think Linus) Each blanket aged with time and became faded and worn but that never deminished their love for them. The older one especially would suck on one spot of hers, always the same corner. Which led her father to refer to her blankie as "Corner".

Yes my dear sweet Tay, You aren't old enough to read this on your own but there are pictures and they will be shown on your wedding day. Hopefully you will wil leave corner home that day, or at least in the limo.

The second corner is yet another of my WIP and it is not for either of my young nieces. It is for my 36 year old husband. LOL As a joke he recently asked if I had finished his "Corner" yet. Never mind that I had started it 2 days previous. At the rate I work he will be lucky to get it by his 40th birthday. Below is a picture of its humble beginnings. Yes those are Black and Gold stripes in honour of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the middle of the white patch will be a giant football helmet which will be emblazoned with their logo. The blob of black in the top right hand corner is the beginning of the front grill.

Once this big piece is finished then I have to do two strips up the right and left sides. More black and gold of course. If all goes well then they should be my car project for when we drive to Florida in October.

I'll post a picture of it when it's finished. Of course I fully intend it to be a picture of my hubby sleeping with his blankie. Oh come on I have to get some revenge for all the nagging I am about to live through *BG*

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Paxa said...

Oh thank gwad that Peety hasn't asked me to crochet any Cardinal's items.

For the record, I have my own corner item, not a blankie but this toy lamb. Chewed on it right ear (and only the right ear) for years.

One more thing, know that today is not a holiday in Canada but Happy Mother's Day chica *muah*