Thursday, March 01, 2007

Closer to 40 then 30

Many thanks to everyone who IM'd, emailed and posted on my comments to wish me happy birthday today. Yes, officially I am now closer to forty then I was yesterday. Wasn't expecting that turning 36 would be all that traumatic; but I have been deathly ill all week so I'm not so sure it hasn't had an effect.

Thankfully I don't get sick very often but this one has knocked me on my ass. Literally. I've spent more time on my back then standing in the last few days and I certainly wasn't having any fun! BUT what really has me pissed off is the fact that when some women get sick they get this wonderful husky, sexy tone to their voice.

Me? I sound like a really bad female impersonator.....who was raised by seals and can speak their language.

The only possible positive effect is that fact that I have been coughing so much and so hard I expect to have one hell of a washboard stomach by the end of it all. LOL At least I have better have something to show for all this pain.

My day perked up considerably when a padded envelope showed up for me from my mum. She made me a bracelet and matching earrings and named them my 'were'jewelery; as in werewolf, werecheetah, weretiger for those who may be paranormally impaired ;o)
How fucking cool is that! Very clever mum I lubs them!!


Myfanwy said...

You are very welcome! I thought I was exceptionably clever this time..lolol
I am sorry you don't feel any better..sigh.. me either

Mechele Armstrong said...

Uggh. Sorry you both were sickie. (Hugs)

Happy birthday! *tries to think if I knew this, the last few weeks are a blur*. (Hugs) and hands a cookie.