Wednesday, February 28, 2007


[Rech-id} adjective

1. very unfortunate in condition or circumstances; miserable; pitiable.
2. characterized by or attended with misery and sorrow.
3. despicable, contemptible, or mean: a wretched miser.
4. poor, sorry, or pitiful; worthless: a wretched job of sewing.
5. so objectionable as to elicit despisal or deserve condemnation:

Synonyms: abhorrent, abominable, antipathetic, contemptible, despicable, despisable, detestable, disgusting, filthy, foul, infamous, loathsome, lousy, low, mean 2, nasty, nefarious, obnoxious, odious, repugnant, rotten, shabby, vile.

In a word....I don't feel good.


Mucka said...

We All had the flu here too, I hope you feel better for your birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Myfanwy said...

Birthdays should be shared by Mother and child...after all I was there too.... Today I have swollen glands I look like a very old chipmunk with arthritic shoulders.... I hope your birthday surprise arrived on time and gives you a lift. Happy Birthday to my first born! Love Mummy, xx

FeyRhi said...

Thanks Mucka!! I wish I could say otherwise but i don't think I have ever felt as bad I have this week. I haven't been to work since Monday but have been to sick to enjoy the time off. Sucx to be me right now.

Apparently mother and daughters enjoy complaining about their woes as well LOL