Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Odd Car Conversations

Teaghan: "Mum Is T.C. a robot?"

Me: "Yes. I was hoping you wouldn't find out."

Teaghan: "I knew it.Ryleigh told me."

Hubby: "That's because Ryleigh is a robot too."

Teaghan: "What!"

Ryleigh: "I already knew that."

Me: "Oh really and how did you find out?"

Ryleigh: "I was eavesdropping."

Hubby: "The level of sarcasm in this family keeps getting better....."

*Note: T.C. is our cat.*


Myfanwy said...

The silver tongued little darlings...poor Chris doesn't stand a chance..* howling with laughter*
By the way have you remembered what I got you for Chrsitmas yet???

FeyRhi said...

Proof that I may well and truly be looinsg what little sanity I have left. When I wrote my 'woe is me' email where I admitted I couldn't remember....I was wearing my fuzzy penguin pj's at the time. I wore them to the sleepover at the science centre and the little girls loved them.