Thursday, February 01, 2007

Love 'em even if they are bad for you...

Everyone has their addiction. The things you love but no are bad for you but are just so damn goooood. *G*

Me? It the Dare's Ultimate Cinnamon danish

Evil little things taht I can ignor as long as I don't smell or see them. At 170 calories per 2 cookies....well it's a good thing I'm bad at math 'cause I can polish off almost an entire bag with a couple cups of tea.

So spill what is your weakness? *G*


Paxa said...

Cheetos, the puffy ones.

People know better than to get between me and an open bag.

Myfanwy said...

Black cherry ice cream... no you can't have any!...and I don't mean the cheap stuff I like the Breyers Double Churned..mmmmmmm

FeyRhi said...

I never pinned you for a Cheetos fan Paxa *G*. My girls love the puffy ones but I enjoy the shrunken 'crunchie' ones.

Bah Black Cherry....Heavenly Hash all the way LOL Isn't Breyers the best.mmmm now I have to go to the store.