Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another step forward....

Or you could call it another form of procrastination *G*

I'm taking a positive step forward in my goal of being a Published writer. My money order to the RWA was sent out a couple weeks ago and I have created a blog for my alter ego. Corinne Davies

That's my official pen name. Not that I don't like my name but let's face it with the number of letters in my real last name I'm not sure it would fit across a paperback.

The last name is nod to my Gran and Grampy. Grampy because on more then one occasion I remember him patting my shoulder saying "You got a lot of celt in ya kid". And to my Gran who recently told my mum that she thought I was gifted. (who me???) Mum had been reading one of my posts to her. I'm assuming she omitted the "F bombs" I often drop in here.

For now I don't think I will be posting as much there as I do here. My plan is to keep that mostly for professional type stuff, but since I don't have any professional stuff yet then most of my posting will still be here. I think *G*
I may save my writing rants for over there.
The power of positive thinking right?

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Myfanwy said...

I will have you know and can read outloud and edit at the same time.*G*
My Grandpa,( Gran's father) would have been so proud of you. He had a speech impediment and didn't speak until he was 7 yrs old. No speech therapists back then. No education either. They thought he was "simple"..sigh. Once he mastered speech he could go to school. He used to read everything he could get his hands on.. in English and Welsh!! He loved the printed word. Go be wonderfully successful for yourself and for him