Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm surrounded by Construction!!

I want my own Hard Hat! Something in a lime green with little red dragons, grapes and books stenciled over it would be cool. It would pretty much sum up everything that is going on around me.

I'm not a big fan of change, silly thing really since change it inevitable, and I adapt once it is all over but it's the during that drives me insane.

Our store is being renovated and of course the P.T.B. will not close for a single day to do it. So we all have to work around big tarps and cramped temporary locations. The Vintage area has been moved which was a hellish job, made more hellish because I know that in a month (or more) we will have to move it all again into our permanent location. I was joking yesterday that with all the plaster dust floating around we're all going to start coughing up speckle soon.

During all this upheaval and insanity at work I am trying to construct a story due the end of the month. It' moving albeit slower then I would like. Although I work better under pressure and I am down to the last 12 days so my high gear kicked in this morning. I've had reworked bits of dialogue floating around in my brain only to be mentally replaced moments later by a 'better' version. Today will be one of those days that I carry my notebook around in my apron sketching down ideas as they hit me. I'd hate to get to the computer later and have it all gone. *aaaarrrrgggghhhh* Since I am working late tonight and early tomorrow, I should have more then a few pages ready to retype. I hope. LOL

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Mechele Armstrong said...

Uggh. Good luck with that. I hope it's over soon.