Tuesday, January 09, 2007

They liked it!!!

I have mentioned about my husbands fussiness (pain in the ass) eating habits before. Honestly he is like a 4 year old looking at his plate and deciding that he doesn't like something before trying it. Imagine my surprise when we were out to lunch one day and he tried my potato leek soup and announced he like it. That was after both our daughters tried and ate most of it.

So I attempted to make a new thing for dinner. It's a variation on the old chicken cooked in soup meal. I worked late so I figured I throw something in the crock pot for them. Boneless chickenbreasts, can of chicken broth, can of cream of potato soup and a package of dry leek soup mix. All he had to do was boil up some egg noodles and throw garlic bread in the oven.

They all loved it.....oh god now what do I do tomorrow!


Marissa Alwin said...

sounds really good. the best made meals are usually the ones that are just thrown together.

I can't get my hubby to eat anything green. not even to set a good example for the kids *sigh*

Good luck stirring up tomorrow's meal!

FeyRhi said...

I'll eat it as long as it isn't ROUND and green. Peas and brussell sprouts make me green. I found a really interesting recipie for meatloaf that you make in a cup cake pan. That's for tomorrow *evil laugh*

Suzan said...

god knows I tried to get her to eat her peas. She gets that from her Uncle David.

Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL about the peas. It sounds yummy. i can't get the hubby to eat green either.