Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ontario's Liquid Gold

From humble, frozen beginnings....

You get one of my favourite delicacies ICEWINE!

If you have never had an opppourtunity to try some I highly recommend the experience. Unless you are my husband. The only person in this universe that actually turned his nose up at the stuff.

I had a small 50ml bottle in the fridge. Just enough for one glass and today I decided to treat myself. I poured, I nosed, I savoured and being the generous wife I brought the glass to him and said "Here smell this."

His response? "Ach, god what is that! That is disgusting! I'm not trying that it smells horrible."

Yes, he is a fussy eater and hates wine....but this is sweet and rich and decadent. It smells like honey, ripe peaches, apricots, orange blossom, and beeswax. None of which I would label as anything remotely disgusting. The heathen.

My husband still has the ability to amaze me. On the bright side of things....I don't have to share. I can be selfish and not feel guilty for a moment. So here I sit with my Inniskillin Vidal Icewine and a box of Bissinger's truffles having a truly orgasmic experience. *BG*

The wordcount is 4,800/15,000. Submission deadline January 31st. Yuppers I'm trying a short story again. They really are hard to write. I've had to edit tons already because the characters keep complicating the story too much. This time I have an Aztec god and a couple of paranormal investigators subcontracted through CSIS. At the very least I'll have another "bong" letter for my binder. Every rejection is a set closer to a least that is what I keep telling myself.


Daphne Turner said...

*pulls out pom poms* Rah rah! Keep writing! That's a great word count.

As for the wine, *giggles because you called the hubby a heathen* ... that's all I have to say!

Paxa said...

Got faith in you chica, and I love the premise of your short story. Have I mentioned you've got one heck of an amazing creative mind.

*lifting my vodka gibson and espresso truffel in a toast to you*

FeyRhi said...

Hubby has the pickyiest taste buds of any human I have met. Good thing he's cute *G*

Mmmmm Nice combination Paz. I'm not so sure if I have a creative mind or a lack of sanity. It's a toss up.

Thanks for the votes of confidence from you both.