Friday, January 12, 2007

Supermom...hell no!

So far this new year I've made some changes and they have actually worked! *gasping in horror* Hopefully I didn't jinx myself with that LOL. In the mornings there is no tv until the girls are up, dressed, hair and teeth brushed. Yea I know that is just logical but we all had a few bad habits at the beginning of the year. Good news is not only have I managed to cut down how much time they spend watching tv, I haven't had to do any frustrated shouting. Nothing Nada. Mornings are busy but almost pleasurable.

Second change is trying to stay organized as far as dinners are concerned. Eating out is quick and easy and there are a lot of places that are reasonabley priced and still have healthier food. BUT it still adds up and this is the year I am determined to get some of our overhead paid off. So I have been throwing a few new things at the hubby and kids. Not to drastic, just easing them into trying new stuff. I'm working late tonight so I'm amkeing them "Marvellous Mini Meatloaves". It's a recipie I found at the Kraft site. They really have some awesome recipies there. If your ever stuck for what to make, you have to check this one out. They also have a magazine that they send out 4 times a year. I make the hubby look through it and point out what he would be willing to try.

All and all I am trying to make my life easier and therefore have more time to write.

Good and Bad news on the writing front.

Good News is I got hit with a great idea for the story I'm working on. It adds a bit more depth to Evangeline and the story as well. I was putting away stock and ended up writing notes to myself, on the flap of, a box of Italian red.

Bad News is I came home and had to rip big chunks out of what I had written. So now I am down to just over 6,000 words. But I am not panicking! Really not! *grabbing paper bag to breath* I still have lots of time to procrastonate...I mean write. It's the edits that scare me. That is what takes the longest for me, but I freak out over that in the few days before the deadline. Not now. Now I just have to get the rest of the story down.

The picture is called the "Kitchen Witch" by Brigid Ashwood. This woman has some amazing work, I really love this one.


Paxa said...

Oh come on now, you are Super Mom and you know it *G*

Mechele Armstrong said...

you are the super mom!

And good for you for making changes. I like the new blog digs.

Marissa Alwin said...

Kraft, cambells and Barilla pasta cans, boxes, and weebsites are my fav place to find quick yet nutritious recipes. Although our faves have peas tossed in *g*
Yay on organization. I am trying that too. ai think it will be easier once i am back home. (thats my excuse and i am sticking to it)

and sometimes we have to cut and rearrange when the muse demands it so we can let our characters reach their HEA. Can't wait to see this one.


Melany said...

Good luck on the changes! That's awesome! We don't have any television here in the mornings. Never have. It sure helps me.

Congrats on the new idea and the best of luck with it!

Btw, I love the new blog look. I tended not to pop in too much cause it was hard for me to read. I'm visually impaired and my sight needs nice contrasts. this one is great!