Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I am so far behind....

on everything but my story *BG* I'm about half way. 7,200/15,000 words Well ok maybe I am a little behind from where I wanted to be but it's for a good reason. I am layering detail as I write. Of course now I am questioning a major detail I have in the beginning of the story. AARRGGHH! I don't even have a good reason for questioning it except for if it will help or hinder the sale. I'm working a bit later tonight and it always quiets down so I'm hopeing to find myself a corner and work out some details.

Wanting to be a author is one thing but I tell you there is so much conflicting advice out there. Write what is in your heart, write what the market demands, don't watch the market, know your genre.....well that last one is a good one. I already know my short or Parthenon stories won't be for the print market. They be a bit to...um explicit? yea that's a nice word.

My historicals, I'll be submitting....begging....Avon. If memory serves they don't take unagented submissions, but to get a good agent you need to have been published...see the vicious circle. Of course there are tons of people out there I'm sure will contradict what I just said. This businss is nuts....can't wait till I'm a part of it *G*


Marissa Alwin said...

Girl you need to come to a conference and get an agent or publisher appointment! Its one of the places several big houses will take unsolicited pitches! Socializing with them at the conferences, you get to see how human they actually are. It takes the edge off a little. *very little* LOL

oh explicit huh? don't rule out kensington.

Keep writing, my fingers are crossed for you!

FeyRhi said...

*muah* Thanks Mo! I would love to come to conference and hopefully one day I'll be able to. LOL. If they get a bit closer to Ontario then I'll be able to swing it. Of course if I don't stop procrastinating..... I sat down today with the plan to research Myan culture. *G* I'm getting there.

Mechele Armstrong said...

Yay on the story going well even though I know you had to do some pruning. And yes, conferences are great to pitch out. We know you'll do it because we'll keep harassing you.