Friday, January 05, 2007

Ever had a warm apple fritter?

I did. This morning as I picked up coffee at Tim Hortons. I asked for one on impulse as they look exceptionaly deish and it was still warm in the middle. Oh Rapture. To bad it didn't last long, I had it eaten before I pulled outof the parking lot.

Blogging is truly an amazing thing. You never know what it is your going to learn or discover through other people. I popped over to J.A.Konrath's blog this morning and he had written about Lance Storm's book club. Lance is a pro wrestler who has created an interactive internet book club. Juct click here for more information.

Impressed me because anyone who encourages reading and literacy, rocks in my book. Joe's book Bloody Mary has been chosen by this book club as their first book for 2007. If you have never read any of the 'Jack Daniels' series I recommend them. Bloody Mary is the second book in the series after Whisky Sour . They are gritty, funny, and scarey as hell in parts. This isn't horror but it's not your run of the mill detective story as well.

What tipped the scales is when I clicked on one of Lance's links and noticed that there are Maple Leafs all over his costume. The man's a Canuck!!! Hailing from Calgary, Alberta. I've moved from impressed to pratically hero worship. LOL

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