Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Dresden Files

For all you who missed the premier episode....damn! Start checking your local listing and see if it is repeated later in the week. For those of you in my area it was on The Space Channel at 9 tonight and I know Space likes to repaet things during the week.

It's a great show, well written, good characters and 'Harry' isn't all that bad on the eyes either *G*

Of course this means that I will be going to Chapters on payday and buying every copy of the series I can get my hands on. Either that or I'll make my life easier and order them all at once online.

Ok gotta go, much editing to do


Melissa Lopez said...

I heard it wasn't much like the books. I missed it, but I'm bothered when movies and/or television doesn't follow the stories. Also best not to be able to compare the two.

Happy reading!

FeyRhi said...

Very true. I always found that with the Steven King books. They never transferred well to movies, i figure because so much of his writing is mental thinking, and emotional responses and that is hard to convey.

Thanks for the warning though *G* I'll have to keep a mental barrier between tv "Harry" and book "Harry". That way I won't be sitting there yelling "He wouldn't do it that way!"

Mechele Armstrong said...

Stephen King never does translate well.

There are some things I can usually deal with the differences. oddly enough, it usually helps if I see the movie first. lol not sure why. Dexter the series ended quite a bit differently than the book. I have a feeling next season is going to be trickier for them though.

i haven't read him. Happy reading.

Suzan said...

Well, I missed it damn.. I haven't read the books either so now I don't know whether to watch and read or read and watch... Life is hard....lolol

Suzan said...

Dexter what a sick puppy but he is compelling..nope never read those books either.. damn more reading to catch up on