Friday, December 14, 2007

Soundtrack to a book...

Interesting concept, I mean movies have soundtracks but this is the first time that I know of someone has scored a book. Not surprising, and completely appropriate that it's a musician's story.

The book Heroin Diaries is written by Nikki Sixx (of Motley Crue) and is based on a bunch of diaries he wrote in during the height of his drug addictions. He's reprinted raw entries, and then commented on them either himself or asked band mates, ex girlfriends, ex managers etc. That in it's self is pretty brave. I mean if you think about a time you have been a total ass (and we all have those moments) and then later ask someone involved to give their honest opinion and then publish it. Well I'm not sure I'd be willing to do that.

So far the songs I have heard are really well done. I'm currently addicted to "Life is Beautiful. (Perhaps not the best choice of words considering the topic)

While this isn't my normal preference in reading material, I'll still give it a go.
I'm fortunate enough that I've never had to battle an addiction like that. Fortunate being an understatement because my lifestyle for a while in my younger years was not, shall we say, healthy. How I avoided an addiction problem, I really have not clue but damn do I know I'm lucky now.

I read somewhere that he is using the proceeds for a project he has to help runaway kids but I haven't been able to verify that. Need to do a bit more research.

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