Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winter sucks

Well the title is a good indicator of my mood. The cold weather has arrived quickly and with much of that disgusting white stuff. All over the news they have been reporting that this will be the coldest winter in the last 15 years. Blech! I'm going to start a countdown until Spring when I will finally feel warm again.

On a more interesting note. One Sunday in early October, Ryleigh and I were at Spencer Smith Park hanging out. She had brought her bubbles and I was enjoying a coffee. A mother and daughter came up to me and asked if they could take her picture for a photo contest they were going to enter. So I filled out the release sheets and gave my permission. They snapped a few shots and then went on to see what else they could find and I didn't hear anything else.

Well last week, we got a call from the mom Jan Bryan, and she told us that they did enter one of the pictures of Ryleigh. Cool part is that were the runner up (2nd place) in the People category out of over 400 pictures! It's titled "I Spy". I remember when she took it because after looking at them we thought it was cool that one of the bubbles had floated right in front of her eye and she was looking through it.

This is the picture she took, and it along with all the other winners are hanging on the walls of the Burlington Art Centre. Ryleigh can't wait to go down and see it. Personally I'm afraid she thinks she will be handing out autographs. LOL Many thanks to Jan for keeping us updated on what happened, and for giving us such a fun memory that day.

If interested you can see the other winners HERE. There are a lot of really well done photos.


Marissa Alwin said...

Yeah, I can commiserate on the cold and white stuff. Definitely meant to be enjoyed when snuggled inside and looking out.

Very Kewl on the picture. She is a very lovely subject! I will have to check out the others.


FeyRhi said...

Thanks Mo, she is a cutie *BG*
Of course she thinks the reason the picture won is because of her cuteness. LOL