Sunday, March 09, 2008

This is March!

Once again someone forgot to pay the hydro bill to Mother Nature and she nailed us with a white reminder notice. I'll be staying in the house today, the last thing I need to go is go out there and wipe out. It's too bad too because as much as I hate snow, this would be a perfect tobogganing day. I do love tobogganing.

Instead I'll hang inside and knit. I've gotten a bit more mobility back but the pain is more intense today. I'm not sure if it's because any internal swelling has gone down or the damaged muscles have tightened or a combination of both. I can take a deep breath but if I shift my weight the wrong way it feels like a knife under my ribs.

Didn't hear back from the radiology lab on Friday so now I'll have to wait till Monday to find out the X-ray results. Not that it really matters, when it comes to ribs- bruised, cracked or broken, nothing can be done. The only difference is recovery time.

I had planned to drive up to my brother's tomorrow and have a visit with my family but I honestly don't think I can handle a 2.5 - 3 hour drive (and that's if the weather doesn't turn nasty half way up there.) Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow because the girls are already moping at the possibility that they will be separated from the cousins for any longer.


Lynda said...

Gosh, kiddo, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Came by to say hi and urge you on with your surge to greatness. So, if you can, pick up that pen and go, go, go.--Louisa

FeyRhi said...

Thanks Louisa! I'm still working away and have to go to my noninternet lap top soon because I've been surfing a bit too much today LOL

Thanks for popping in for a visit ;o)

"Research" thy name is procrastination......

orangehands said...

hey, saw you over at LtL's blog.

glad look with all your stuff and i hope the ribs feel better soon