Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My birthday present.

After all the complaining in my previous post, I wanted this one to be a bit more upbeat. Birthdays suck and all that but there is nothing you can do to stop them. LOL

So hubby has been pestering (re:nagging) me about what I wanted for my birthday. Really I don't need anything and trying to come up with suggestions for an event, I wasn't to thrilled about was pissing me off. Here is where I have to say my husband loves the fact that I am 26 days older then him. And for 26 days every year he inundates me with old person comments. These don't bother me because I know he is only teasing. This year I have been a bit more sensitive then usual so of course the comments are coming much more frequently.

The balloons in the picture below were delivered to my work for me. (by him he snuck in and then snuck out) Which goes to show how well he knows me. I appreciate a balloon bouquet much more then a flower one. And I even got a balloon from all the puppies LOL

For my gift,since I didn't tell him anything specific, he improvised. A very dangerous thing if you don't know my hubby's sense of humour.

I got a construction paper book tied together with yarn. The girls decorated the pages with pictures and he wrote the inscriptions....

page 1) Tim Hortons gift card
"Because you are old you may need more coffee now. It will help you kick start that heart of yours."

page 2) Shoppers Drug Mart gift card

"Shoppers is an ideal store for old people. They sell Depends, seeing eye glasses and lots of drugs"

page 3) La Senza gift card

"You may need a new bra now that you are older. The girls won't sag as much."

page 4) Chapters gift card

"Chapters has lots of books on getting old. They even have large print."

page 5) HBC gift card

"Bay and Zellers have lots of old people stuff. Tuesdays are seniors day."

I laughed so hard as I turned the pages. The pictures that the girls drew are really funny too. It made me feel much better and I started feeling silly for being so cranky about it all. Of course I still have 20 days of old person comments to put up with before he catches up with me.


Hannahknits said...

That is hands down the best present I ever heard of...lolol...congrats to my clever son in law!

Myfanwy said...

I added Knitring to the knitting blog but I seem to be having a problem with the HTML code. I am beginning to think this template may not have been such a good idea.
The Myfanwy one is a breeze compared to this one. Can you take a look? The email with the code is in the hannahknits mail box.How do you like the additions so far?
Thanks kiddo
lub MUM