Thursday, March 09, 2006

I am on vacation

11 days!! I have a week and a half away from work, time to hang around in my jammies, and write and snuggle with the kids on the couch and watch cartoons. I'm so looking forward to this.

I've been planning to head on up north for a visit with the rest of the clan for the weekend but I'll be home early next week to putz around the house. Get the wallpaper up in my oldest's room, catch up the laundry, write even more *G*

I just found out about a contest the involves submitting your last chapter. That's a unique twist. Of course I immediately started wondering if I could get my last chapter ready. I have one...and I'm about 80% sure that is how my book will end. LOL.
I'll see how close I get by monday but I'm not honestly trying to get it done by then. My creative juices have dried up to a thick concentrated sludge. The ideas are there, just not flowing freely.

Yes I have a habit of trying to run before I walk. Logically I should finish the book before I start submitting it. It's just that contests seem like a good way to get feedback on how I am doing. If I get a score sheet back trashing a certain part/aspect of the story then I know to edit that area before moving on.

*snort* Like I could actually edit anything. I am finding that is one of the hardest parts. Editing chunks of your book out. Scenes that were really cute to me but distrupted the story flow. I guess I am a packrat because I never just delete them. I have a 'just in case' file they go in. You never know I might find a good place for them.


Beth Ciotta said...

The fact that you can recognize 'chunks' that slow your story is a good sign. It hurts to cut them though, doesn't it? I'm like you, I file them away. There have been several times where a place popped in later down the line where I could weave them in 'without' slowing the story. I wasvery glad I just didn't delete them. :) Have fun on your vacation!

Tori Lennox said...

Sounds like a fun, relaxing vacation. :) Enjoy!

Bob said...

:-) Set your light saber on mangle and chop those pieces out like an aching tooth. Wow, what kind of dentist do I go to? I have a collection of joke-like sections that required setups that in the end didn't work. Like you say, maybe someday they'll come into play, but most likely, they'll be like that huge pile of papers that I finally stack together and a month later toss out because I haven't needed anything in it for two months or more. Everything seems to be a mental act before it's a physical act. See yourself cutting out those parts, be the cutout parts, er, uh, be the cutter-outer of the parts. Ah, never mind.

FeyRhi said...

Thank you all for your vacation well wishes. I am sooo enjoying the peace. The last time I had a week off from work we were moving into this house and I had both kids and hubby down with the chicken pox. That was not the most relaxing of times. *G*

Trying to be objective with my own work is much harder then I ever expected Beth. I find I often argue over certain things with myself, take them out, put them back, take them out, etc. Then there are the ones I cut, forget about, then when I browse through the file they spark another idea.

Bob you're a man after my own heart. It's nice to know that I am not the only one who peppers conversation with Star Wars references. *BG* We have a sliding door at work and I caught of of my buddies doing a "jedi-like" had wave as he walked up to it. (he a SW freak too) Teased him for ages till he caught me doing it. I had to try!
Oh and my cuttings currentely reside in the cutterout file that one day I'll cut from memory when I have already forgotten I cut them. *G*