Friday, March 17, 2006

I had the most interesting thing to say.....

It's one of those days. I came up with a really interesting, whitty thing to blog about. Instead of actually writing it I started putzing around and playing with the way my blog page is set up and then forgot what it was I was going to write about.

Now all the blame for my foggyness is completely on the bottle of Rockbare Shriaz 2003 I consumed last night. It's their fault! 'Cause if the wine wasn't so good I wouldn't have polished it off and be a bit hungover this morning. Yea their fault. Damn it was really good though. Exactly what you want from an auzzie shiraz, big lush ripe fruit (raspberries, blackberries and a hint of ribena) that borders on jammy but without that sweetness that sometimes catches the back of your throat. Full bodied, velvety, rich mouthfeel with a peppery spice finish. Just complete YUMMY.

I have come to the conclusion though, that hangovers get worst the older you get. Especially when you have two loving daughters that insist on waking you up bright and early so you can make them toast. (Despite my trying to talk them into making themselves a bowl of cereal.) There was a day when my consumption rate was much higher and over a longer period and I would still be up for work the next morning (if I had slept at all) and then out again the next night. Alas, the years have caught up to me, but at least I'm not the only one. Hubby just managed to drag his ass down and is currently "relaxing his eyes" in front of the tv. LOL
Actually that is pretty smart, In fact I'm off to flake out on the couch with my offspring. They can watch cartoons, I'm gonna have a nap.

**Oh have gotten a good chunk of sorting out done on my manuscript last night (before the wine LOL) I'm not even going to think about how low my word court is going to drop. I have come the the conclusion that I am holding on to a lot more crap then I initially anticipated. That is what is cloggin' up the works. Good thing is, there is tons to work with once the clog is gone and I can't wait to get started. *BG*


Mechele Armstrong said...

LOL at the hubby.

Mine get up at the crack of dawn too. They want toaster waffles *sigh*

And sometimes we have to *gasp* cut. It hurts. It's painful.
And sometimes it helps the manuscript breath. ((Hugs)))

FeyRhi said...

I'm hopeing I'll start breathing again! Although it's not like I really deleted all those words...they're in a file titled "just in case" Everything is a bit more open again. I was writing myself into a number or corners and was starting to spin my wheels so to say.