Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Writing-0 Procrastination-Infinity

Well the title isn't completely correct, I did do a bit of writing but it was on fun stuff not my manuscript. At least the creative sludge currently fermenting in the right side of my brain is starting to loosen up. *G* I'm looking forward to shuffling the girls off to be early tonight and having some quality time with my characters.

But my time hasn't been completely wasted today. After months of promising, I finally got the cloud wall paper up in my oldest's room. Now I am no where close to a wallpapering expert. Actually one could say this is kinda my first time. My real first doesn't count (isn't that typical) I was at a girlfriend's apartment during my single years and we started after we were already half way through a bottle of wine. Didn't even notice when we hung a sheet up-side-down. oops

Anyhoo today I did a much better job...nothing near perfect but that's ok. Kidlet is thrilled and happier that she got to help so that is all that matters. I probably should have done some yahoo reseach to find out the shortcuts but we got it figured out and with very little bubbles left in the paper and almost all the clouds match-up. Other then a couple gobs of glue in my hair, we were casuality free *G*


Mechele Armstrong said...

I love the wallpaper!

And the other writing sometimes clears out the circuits, rejuvenates the muse.

FeyRhi said...

Sometimes it's fun to just write for the hell of it and not worry about how is may affect a story 30 pages down the road. *G* The wall paper turned out really cool.