Saturday, March 11, 2006

All the voices!!!!

Heading up North to visit the rest of the clan today, day 2 of my vacation and I have already slowed down considerably LOL Yes I should have packed yesterday but I was just so busy watching cartoons and napping that I couldn't find the time. I did get a couple loads of laundry done. *patting self on back*

Good news is that being away from the store has allowed my creative juices to loosen up a bit. My writing is still pretty much crap and I am deleteing almost every word but at least it is starting to flow again.

Had a short chat with a friend the other night and that just fired up more voices in the back of my head. The ones that I have been ignoring in favour of my current work. I have to say that I am a little concerned that if I keep ignoring them, they will go away. Forever.

I know it is possible that an author can work on more then one story at a time. Sherrily Kenyon does it. But then she has written a ton of books already. I asked once how she managed it and she said that they were like family and all the characters were so different it wasn't that hard to jump around. *shrugs*

It made sense but I find that I just go in circles. Bouncing from one group of voices to another. Hell I'll never get anything finished that way. And logically wouldn't the stories start to repeat themselves. The same basic formula and challenges in each one.

Thought about leaving my lap top at home this trip and sticking with my notebooks. Jot down what ever ideas come to me. Sketch out the other ideas and then at least I will have my notes to refer back to when the time comes.(also I wouldn't have to pack the ancient 100lb thing and all it's plug accessories)

This could be me trying to run before I walk again...or an elaborate form of self sabotage. Or I could try to stop being so neurotic and just let the unwravel as they want too.

Note to self...your on vacation. Stop trying to find things to stress over.


Paz said...


It's okay to listen to the voices in your head. It only starts becomming a problem when you answer back or start lining the house with aluminium foil.

Say hello to the Big Guy for me, and if you don't mind, tell him the Crazy Lady misses him.

Now that is out of the way, go have fun for the rest of your holiday!

FeyRhi said...

**looking down at shiny roll in hand** This reads "tin foil" not aluminiun I'm ok...right?