Sunday, March 19, 2006

Allow me to introduce you too...

Our newest family member. Isn't she cute?
We were at the animal shelter yesterday looking for dogs. With hubby being as unemplyed for almost 4 months, Karma has been used to having him home. Once he starts working again we though it would be nice for her to have a friend. Well, they didn't have any dogs in and that would have been it except I wandered into the cat room.
They only had two felines available for adoption and this little one had me at "meow". The other cat was a bit more affectionate but she is just so small and skinny, and looks like she needed more love then the other. They think she is about 2 years old, although she about the size of a 9 month old kitten and if she weighs a pound I'd be shocked. So me being me had to bring her home with the intent of fatten her up.

Her eyes are a fasinating shade of lime green and I love the calico patchwork to her fur. As you can tell her colours are a bit paler, she more grays and tans and creams.And she is just so thin. She'd been at the shelter for a couple weeks so I hate to think of how malnurished she would have been when they found her.

Here is where I gush on and on about what a wonderful dog Karma is. We decided to try to keep them in seperate rooms for a while but the kidlet let the cat out and they met soon then expected. Now there was NO hissing or swatting. Kamra laid in the floor and just inched herself closer. It was so sweet, as most as if Karma knew the cat was terrified.

Now there is a limit. If the cat gets too close to Hubby then Karma bounds over supa fast scaring kitty away. Just a little bit jealous? Hubby is refraining from having anything to do with the feline until Karma settles down a bit.

Oh and her name? Well all my beautiful, dignified, Egyptian goddess names got vetoed by the family. They agreed on T.C. short for "The Cat". Since I named karma I was forced to conceed.


Tori Lennox said...

Oh, she's adorable. And T.C. as a nickname for a cat is a bit of a tradition, you know. Do you remember the kids cartoon Way Back When titled Top Cat? His nickname was T.C. :)

FeyRhi said...

LOL I had forgotten about Top Cat. I did a search on him and as soon as I saw a picture I remembered him. He was one of the "Hanna Barbera" lot wasn't he?

Mechele Armstrong said...

awwwwwwwww She's so cute!

My children want a cat so BAD. but our dog really doesn't like any other animals. And it's not going to change.

But she's so cute!

frenchpeas said...

Awww! That's so great for your family and for TC! She's absolutely adorable, and I'm sure she and Karma will eventually work out their "issues" over the hubby.

FeyRhi said...

They are getting much better. Poor Karma wants to play with her so bad. If TC lets her get close she gets excited and starts her play pouncing, That freaks TC out and sends her scrabbling up under a bed.