Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dead Like Me

Guess what I got for my birthday *G* Season 2!
For those not familar with the pictures. "Dead Like Me" was one of my favourite shows, which is why I'm sure it only lasted 2 seasons. *sigh* The basis of it is that when someone is about to die a violent death a 'reaper' will come and gently take their soul so it doesn't hurt.
Now each reaper has a predetermined amount of souls they are to collect. Once they fill their quota they move on and the poor soul that was the last one collected takes their place. The show revolves around one such person, George (Georgia).
A young girl who was killed at the age of 18 by a piece of debris from a deorbiting space station. The exact piece that struck her was a flaming toilet seat.I splurged one day and bought the first season for myself. While I was watching it, hubby got hooked. So for my birthday he got me Season 2. It fit my mood of the last week perfectly LOL.
I will go through the entire year blowing off my birthday and age like I don't care. It's true for 51 out of the 52 weeks in a year. But for the past 7 days I have been the most miserable bitch that walked the planet.
So I just turned 35. Big whoop. Hell that's nothing. My 35th year will be the beginning of the writing chapter of my life. This could turn out to be one of my favourite years. You never know.


Mechele Armstrong said...

*growls* when was your birthday? did I know this? *trying to ponder through sleep deprived brain*.

Hugs and cookies. I hope it was very very happy!! *whispers* I'll be 35 this year too. It's just an age *g*.

And I loved Dead like Me. Watched mainly the first season.

frenchpeas said...

What! You hid your birthday from us? Well. That means I'm just going to pick a random day to replay your birthday. Now, go enjoy your present. :)

FeyRhi said...

((((Michele and Frenchpeas)))) Yes, I hid my birthday from everyone. Went to work that day too and didn't tell a soul. I love making a fuss over other people, I just get uncomfortable when a fuss is made over me. I think it's the neurotic part of my brain. *G*
Had a DLM marathon the other day, did laundry and watched one episode after another. It was great. Sucks some huge rocks that it was taken off the air.
I have a growing likeness for a show called "Supernatural". It's about deamon hunting brothers. Caught it a couple times now and so far so good. I have to figure out exactly when it is on 'cause I keep missing it.

Beth Ciotta said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! So sorry I missed it. Hope it was a great day. :)

DEAD LIKE ME... I saw a couple of episodes when it was on the air. I thought it quite clever and well acted. Isn't it amazing what gets canceled and what stays on? *sigh*

maureen"Mo" said...

Happy Belated Birthday! you know as punishment I might just have to sing *g* yep its only a number but I am determined not to celebrate it either. Although I guess it is better than the alternative. *sigh* I really have to get my computer to another room so Nickelodeon isnt the only channel i see *g*

Slainte and may your worst tomorrow be only as bad as your happiest yesterday.

FeyRhi said...

Thank you Beth!! I've made it through the Second season now. They had great writers and the characters were just starting to come into their own. *sigh* but then some crazy person cancelled "Firefly". I'll never understand that business.

Thank you for the toast Mo. Took me a couple drinks to figure it out but I understand it now LOL.

*muah to you all*