Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thinking Day!

So on Wednesday our district celebrated "Thinking Day"
One elementary school gymnasium,
2 Sparks units,
3 Brownie units,
3 Guide units and
2 Pathfinder units.
That is a whole lot of young girls in one room. I think my hearing finally started to return to normal today *G*

We did a Olympic theme and had the girls divide up into "countries". They then worked their way around the different 'events'. Mine was volleyball. They only spent 10 minutes at each station so I wanted to keep it as easy as possible. Hense the birth of mosh pit volleyball! LOL Just tossed both the beachballs and the goal was to keep them off the ground. Gotta tell you the Brownies (7&8yrs) are brutally competative at that age LOL. They will attack with out any sort of plan. I had to break up more then one tugging match. The Guides and Pathinders are older and willing to help the Sparks get a turn. Of course everyone won a gold metal in the end. It was incredibly exhausting but a lot of fun. My girls both got home and literally fell into bed.

The local paper was there too taking pictures but we didn't make the paper. Some moron drove a car through the back doors of a highschool, apparently that is more newsworthy then us. BAH! Now if we magically appear in the weekend edition then I will post a copy on here.

I haven't had much to say regarding the Olympics although I love to watch them. I enjoy the winter ones more then the summer. I'm sure if has something to do with the hockey. *G* Our women's team took gold again! An awesome result that I feel was over shadowed by the dissapointing efforts from the men's team. I mean even with a bloody gold medal all the news wants to talk about is grezkey and his moaning.

Hello! The women don't play NHL and make millions, let them have their moment!

Now on the other side of the rink! CINDY KLASSEN!!!!!!! Need I say more.
Canada's newest favourite sport....Speed Skating!

I've watched a couple interviews with her and she is a class act. While being interview right after the 5,000M. She continued to praise her team mate Clara Hughes for a wonderful skate. Then the two of them on the podium with big beautiful smiles, singing the anthem and laughing was a great site. I love to see any metal winning athlete enjoying their moment. They should they worked hard for it!
Well this blog has taken me forever to write because I have been running downstairs to watch replays of Cindy and Clara's race and also because I wanted to see the awards ceremony. They showed an interview with Clara and we as Canadians are fortunate to have such class acts representing us. I mean she won a gold metal today. Not to forget that she is the first Canadian athlete to metal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics (she won bronze in cycling)

This was her moment to talk and instead of talking about herself she changed the course of the interview and spoke about an organization called "Right To Play" . She said that she watched a documantary about it and decided that if something good happened to her in this race then she was going to use her moment to promote it. Can you ask for better role models for young girls?!


Paxa said...

Most medal ceremonies are nice, happy but rather serious affairs, but seeing Cindy and Clara with those million watt smiles,and look of pure happiness on their faces; it was infectious and couldn't help but singing along. Yes I know the Canadian National Anthem.

Oh did you know that not only is Clara going to donate to Right to Play, it's going to be money from her own pocket. Seems like the Canadian team, unlike other national teams don't get bonuses for winning medals or setting new world's records. Class acts all the way.

FeyRhi said...

Your the best Paz! Just think you and I were singing together cause I sang with them too. Ok I'll admit it I was crying as well but I'm a suck about mushy stuff like that. Damn commercials get to me too sometimes. Any Canadians who saw the Tim Hortons commercial with the grandpa coming to see his grandson's hockey game will know which one got to me.

The lack of bonuses is a MAJOR beef with me regarding the Canadian Olympic Commitee. I mean there is very little support for our athletes and your right they do not get any bonus what so ever. In the interview with her, Clara made mention of the lack of bonus but quickly added that wasn't the point she wanted to make. She donated the balance of her bank account which was 10G. She did add that Jeremy Cheek was donating ALL of his bonuses which last I checked totalled 40G's.

There are tons of stuff on ebay that the athletes sighned. All the money will go to 'Right To Play'. Although some of the prices (*cough* Women's hockey team) is already waaaayyyy out of my reach. LOL